How to get a Seth with high counter in Persona 5

If you are indulging in the Persona 5 role-playing game, you would get to know what the Wardens of the velvet room is. It is a prison that holds two game characters known as Caroline and Justine. In the game, these two characters that are associated with the prison are more than mere jailors they are twins. They are designed to give the player a set of abilities that they would need in the course of the game. In the course of this article, we would be showing gamers how to get a Seth with high counter in persona 5.
To be able to get the set in the game, the player would need to have reached level 52 in the Persona 5 role-playing game. Also, the gamer would need to rank high in the palace or in Mementos.
The gamer in a bid to get a Seth in the game would need certain personas that has some special abilities so that their ranking would increase.
These are the interesting personas that a gamer would need in other to create a Seth:

  • Thoth
  • Isis
  • Anubis
  • Horus

The moment you have been able to combine all aforementioned personas into one, then you can get the set with high counter. With this approach, the gamer can now go on to get Seth with higher counter in the game.

How a player can get a High counter ability in the Persona 5 game

In the persona 5 game, the high counter ability can be gotten in two distinct ways. We are going to delve into both options in subsequent paragraphs.

First option:

A gamer can get the High counter skill card after completing the request “The Killer laughs in the Garbage can”. It is important for the gamer to know that the “killer in the garbage Can” can only be found on 10/14.  After using it on your Seth, the game character would have the required personality.

Second Option:


There are always some alternate methods to make some hard tasks a possibility by getting a high counter ability in persona 5. The second way for a gamer to get a high counter ability is by strengthening the Seth persona with the personas listed below:

  • The Hope Diamond
  • The Hectatoncheries
  • Dakini (Level 52)

You have to ensure that your game is very much saved before you start to strengthen the skill.

What does high counter do in Persona 5?

High Counter automatically grants the user a high chance of being defended from a physical attack and reflecting it back at the attacker. Like the other Counter skills, High Counter cannot stack with other Counter skills, and will override Counter and Counterstrike if said skills are still in a moveset.

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Interesting details about the Game plot of persona 5 game

The persona 5 is an interesting role-playing video game that was set by the game developers known as Atlus. The persona 5 game is a sequel of the Persona 4 game and was introduced in the year 2016.
In the year of its release, the persona 5 game was released for PlayStation 3 and Playstation 4 in September 2016. The game also has an advanced version that features new in-game content with the Persona 5 Royal release.

What is the game plot like?

The game takes place in modern-day city of Tokyo and is set round about a high school student known as the Pseudonym Joker. This student is transferred to a new school after being accused of assault. Throughout the school year, the Pseudonym Joker and other students all awaken to a special power and turn out to form a group of secret vigilantes. This group of students with newly found powers is called the ‘Phantom Thieves of hearts’. They then set out to explore a realm known as metaverse, so that they can steal malevolent intent from the mind of adults.
They make use of manifestations to fight enemies known in the game as shadows. What they use to fight the shadows is the physical form of their psyche known in the game as Personas.
There are interesting dungeon crawling and role-playing elements for players to enjoy in the game.


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