Silverwind Nargacuga Monster Hunter Stories 2: Location, Eggs & How to get them

In the monster hunter 2 games, the silverwind Nargacuga is seen as a flying wyvern in the game. This particular monster in the monster Hunter series game has just two variations. In the course of this article, we would be looking at one of them, how to get the eggs, and the location.


Where is the location of Monster Dens?

Silverwind nargacuga location
The monster dens are located at the rocky outcrops that are visibly seen at the main map of each area. It is important to note that the location of the monster den where the eggs are found change every time. The monster den layout is always randomly generated with varying gathering spots and monsters. The monster den map is designed to mimic some locales in terms of gathering spots.
There are different monsters with different eggs, if you are after a particular egg,  you would need to battle the monsters that owns the egg in the game.

How to get the eggs of the SilverWind Nargacuga Monster


How to get the eggs of the SilverWind Nargacuga Monster
To be able to get the eggs, the player would need to go the scrive that is outside their house. In the process, they would gain access to the deviant subquest. It is important for the Monster Hunters gamer to know that the in-game monsters are very hard to find.
The next thing would be to head to the Hakolo islands of the mahana village biome. There you would find different locations in the Alcala Highlands where you can look for the silverwind Nargacuga and its eggs. Some of such locations include; Pondry Hills, North Kamuna cape, South Kamuna Forest, East Kamuna heights, and the guardian Ratha Woods.
You can find the eggs in the den of the silverwind Nargacuga in Monster Hunter stories 2.
You would need to tail it after you have caused the monster to retreat. After defeating the monster, you would need to wait for it to retreat. A player can make use of paintballs and shock traps. These in-game mechanics can make the player to retreat.
The moment the monster is in the den, you would need to wait for it to then take a nap. While the monster is asleep, you would then need to go and steal the eggs.

Where can the gamer find the eggs

Where can the gamer find the eggs
You can go on to get yourself eggs that you would find in the Monster dens. From each nest, the player would only see one egg from the nest. To be able to find an egg in the game, you would see an egg icon on the in-game map.
There are monsters that guard the dens where the egg nest resides. Some of the nests will be empty while some would have monsters sleeping around it. All the same, monsters that are asleep cannot be woken either ways.
The gamer would need to carry the egg out of the nest to be able to properly carry it. After carrying the egg, the player would come in contact with a pop up box that would prompt the player to leave the den.
The player can choose to immediately leave the den or stay with the egg or explore the den to get some spots and monsters. The egg carton of the player can carry up to 12 deviant monster eggs. The player can access their Egg carton from the camp menu to view the eggs and their information. You can choose the throw away the eggs that are in the egg carton from the menu at any point in time.

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How to Hatch Eggs in the Game

How to Hatch Eggs in the Game
The best way to hatch eggs in the game is by visiting the stables, where you would see that each village that has eggs is marked with an egg logo.
The monster is hatched; it would be placed in the den by default. If the gamer would like to use it right away, they would need to move it into your party.
The gamer can choose to expand the size of their stable and have more monsters in their confinement.  In the stables in the monster den, the player can manage their monster party. In fact, they can perform the rite of channeling and send out an expedition party when they have succeeded in unlocking those particular features.


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