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The game Shadowkeep is a horror-themed RPG, where you play as an unnamed protagonist who has been called to investigate the disappearance of a young girl. You explore the town and surrounding woodlands in search for clues. These locations are filled with all sorts of horrors waiting for you.
You will need to be careful during your investigation because these places are full of ghosts and ghouls that can kill you if they get close enough. One such ghost is Dark Dreams Dead Ghost which can be found at various times throughout the day near the old church in Shadowkeep Township. We will give you step-by-step instructions on how to find this hidden collectible.


Start with the quest

Dark Dreams Dead Ghost in Shadowkeep2
If you haven’t already purchased and started a new Destiny 2 character, follow the quest by progressing to the Heroic version. In this version of the quest, you will be required to collect five of the five found in these locations. If you’re new to Destiny, you might find yourself slightly confused about how this works. I’m here to explain what is happening.
There are five Dark Dreams that you are tasked to find and take to either Lord Saladin or Amanda Holliday. Holliday is in a sidequest to bring the ghost of Elufar back to the surface. This Ghost gives you the objective to find a companion ghost of a fallen brother. Once you find this ghost, he gives you the remaining objectives to the missions to complete the quest. This can be pretty confusing, so I’m going to break it down for you.

Find the first location

In the top left corner of the map, there is a waypoint which has a text that says, “What do you seek? Hints led you here. Who is this someone who stole your memories?” You must be on foot to find this waypoint, but once you do, you can immediately go to the second location.
Head to a familiar location Going to this location will take you back to Fallen London from the original Destiny game. You must go there at night because of the presence of a Moon lantern, a classic lantern in the game that never appears in the daytime. When you enter the lantern, you will have to kill some dead Legion enemies to be able to get the alarm. The moonlight will then blind you, so you must stand on the last step of the stairs leading up.

Find the second location


Your first step is to head to the ‘Ship Graveyard’ section of the Map. At the bottom of the large building, you can see a small crate which you can open. Here, you will find a very simple clue. The only one that you need to decipher is “Drink for the Fallen.”
Obviously, that is the name of the raid from the new DLC. You will also see a note that says “Keep looking, you’ll get there.” After looking around the area, you will come across a door to a room full of crowbars. This is your other clue. Get a crowbar and use it to open the door Once you get the two pieces of the clue, it is time to head to the nearest spawn point on the planet. Get a crowbar, then make your way to the area where you will fight the Grinders.

Find the third location

When you enter the fort you are first asked to find Ophelia, who’s on the same level as Gideon. It’s a small door, so you can use your flash to light it up, but I’d recommend saving this until you need it.
Once you find Ophelia, you’ll be given a Fireteam Mission that will take you to the fourth and final location where you will have to enter the Prison of Elders.
Once you finish the mission, head over to one of the two Fates, which will lead you to Ophelia’s Grotto. Open the Grotto After taking a hard left, walk straight to the area where you can enter the Grotto.
Once you enter the Grotto, walk to the far left and look for the Easter Egg that will have you doing what is arguably one of the hardest jumps in the game.
Once you’ve jumped, head back out and look for the bomb.

Finish with the reward

Finish with the reward
After you complete the quest for Dark Dreams Dead Ghost, you should automatically get an engram containing his ghost. This ghost looks different from the real one and requires you to hunt it down. Do the hidden quest The quest that you’ll be searching for requires you to get the Ghost-9 Ghost Touch in the Ghostnet and there’s no way to finish this quest without collecting a lot of Ghost Engrams.
So, make sure to do the main quest first if you want to take part in this activity. When you find the Ghost-9 Ghost Touch, look for another Ghost Engram and then place it on top of the Ghost-9 Ghost Touch to complete the Ghost Engram hunt. This Ghost Engram will drop Ghost-11 Ghost Touch and Ghost-3 Ghost Touch. This activity will drop a total of five Ghost Engrams.

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