How to Make a Trap in Minecraft | 5 Types of Traps and How to Build Them

Traps are a great way to discourage or even kill your enemies. In this blog post, we will show you how to make some traps for Minecraft. From lava pits and cactus spikes, all the way up to TNT cannons and tiki-torches, we will teach you some of the best ways to trap your enemies in this popular game. And, here we go with How to Make a Trap in Minecraft.


How to Make 5 Types of Traps in Minecraft

1. Lava Traps

Lava Traps
In order to create a lava trap, you first need a lava source. On the beach, there is a lava fountain that can be found in the northernmost part of the desert biome.
On the bottom of the fountain is a diamond and on the top of the fountain is an iron door. Enter the lava fountain, drag the diamond up to the door and use TNT to blow up the door. This will open the door allowing you to enter the lava pit. There are several lava traps in this pit.
Go back to the lava fountain, take out the diamond, and, in the room there, place the 2 torches, as they will trap everyone. These torches are part of the trap, not the victim.
Cactus Traps Cactus traps in Minecraft can be used as lethal traps, helping you kill your enemies or for decoration, as well. Cactus traps come in many varieties.

2. Cactus Spikes

Cactus Spikes
The Cactus spikes are extremely dangerous traps that you can use to block off pathways or attack your enemies. Cactus spikes are useful for getting to hard-to-reach places and blocking certain areas of your world. You can also drop these spikes on your enemies to freeze them in place, making them more susceptible to attack.
Lava Pits Lava pits can be a source of natural light in your world and can be very good for defensive purposes. You can also use them for battles and as a way to trick your enemies into stepping in them, blinding them. You can make a pit, in which you can put a bunch of lava rocks, and if someone walks in it, they’ll be stuck there until the lava cools down. Just don’t stand in the pit for too long, or you’ll start to fall in!

3. Tiki-Torches

You can put them anywhere and it will also attract the monsters. This is a very good crafting recipe to put them in lava plains. Lava Pits Some pit traps are going to make you a very rich and famous miner. There is nothing better than taking advantage of the opening (holes) on the pit to push your enemies in and destroy them.
Cactus Caves Like on the cactus island in this Minecraft blog, there are caves in the desert areas that have very tight gaps between cacti. If your enemy tries to go in the cave, you are just going to blow up their legs (that are not covered by armor). Trapdoors If your enemies are much larger than you, you can build some trapdoors with torches. Pit Pits Pit pits are so common that there is a very useful crafting recipe to make pit traps.


4. TNT Cannons

TNT Cannons
A popular choice for any Minecraft player is TNT cannons. Just make sure to make them stackable for better storage.
TNT traps are usually about one thing, and one thing only: the total destruction of your opponents at all costs. They are often built with cheap materials like wooden planks, cobblestone, and dirt, as the TNT will usually destroy the trap and everything around it. However, there are a few methods you can use to limit or completely avoid damage, so you can easily use the same setup again.
This trap works best if the pressure plate is used with the overall structure of a building or other creation. A pressure plate placed on its own will often look suspicious to players, who will either avoid it completely or try to set it off without endangering themselves.
To minimize damage to your structure, you could make a deeper hole and surround it with obsidian. This way you only need another TNT block, another piece of sand or gravel, and a pressure plate to repair your trap.

5. Pitfall Traps

Pitfall Traps
Pitfall traps are like gravity traps. After you fall into a pit you will either die or be pulled along to a higher point of the map. There are two ways to make pitfall traps:

  • Single and double pitfall. Single pitfall traps are traps that will pull you down to the bottom of the pit. They are good for a single player or when a single group of enemies try to pull you down.
  • Double pitfall traps are traps that are attached to two side-by-side poles in a row. When enemies try to stand between them, they will automatically fall through it into the pit below. Cactus Traps Cactus traps are simple, but effective. Cactus traps have a stun effect, a damage effect, and a thirst effect. Just walk into a cactus, and it will stun you.


The logic behind the traps is to lure and kill your enemies. Make a trap that kills an enemy with one hit, but make sure it’s not too easy for them to get around it! If you’re looking for more tips on how to design effective Minecraft traps. If you have any questions about traps or want help building one that would work best for your situation, please feel free to reach out in the comments below! Happy Minecrafting.


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