How To Fix Discord 404 Error In Main Menu

Imagine using the Discord platform to chat with your friends and all of a sudden, the thought of playing a game crossed your mind. And as you were about to play the game, you launched it and got a 404 error. Wouldn’t it be frustrating? In the course of this article, we will take you through a practical guide on how to resolve a Discord 404 error without any fuss. Without further ado, let us delve in.


When Do You Get A Discord 404 Error?

Discord 404 Error is an error that occurs when Discord tries to make a connection to somewhere that is outside of the user’s connection in the background. With the failure in connection, the game would be blocked from working, thus the error.
On a general note, you will get a 404 error from another platform, if you request files or digital entries on a server, and it can find them. 404 in the cyber world is a hypertext protocol and a standard response code.
Simply put, Discord will detect the game you want to play or are currently playing, and they change your status on the platform to streaming. After this, the information of the game will be uploaded to the remote server.
A gamer will get a 404 error that will prevent gameplay if there is an error in making a connection with the remote server, to retrieve information about the game.

The Reasons For The Discord 404 Error

Here are two major reasons why you might face the 404 error in Discord.

1. Proxy Settings

If you went on to enable proxy on discord, you will not be able to make connections as the remote server of the platform will be bypassing the proxy address. It is important to note that the discord platform cannot work on a proxy address. The Discord platform is a VoIP platform and requires a direct connection with its users.

2. Unstable Internet Connection

Another interesting reason why you might get a 404 error in discord, is an unstable internet connection. With the aid of stable internet connections, you can exchange data between the server and the users.


3. The Use Of A Windows Firewall

A windows firewall is another reason you might get a block from Discord. The job of a firewall is to block any suspicious network activity of the apps that are installed on your device. Discord in the process of trying to export data to its server might consider the activity of the firewall as data theft, hence blocking it.

Guide On How To Fix Discord 404 Error

Guide On How To Fix Discord 404 Error
As you have been educated on the reasons for the discord 404 error, there are measures to prevent them.

i. Disable Your Proxy Address

As stated earlier, Discord will not work if you enabled a proxy address on your network settings. A proxy server does not allow the discord platform to connect with the client directly. This is why in other to avoid getting a 404 error, you should disable your proxy address.

ii. Turn Off Discord In-Game Overlay

The Discord in-game overlay allows a user to open a small chat window over the game screen. The importance of this screen is that it gives the user Discord updates, but however, it can cause a 404 error. In a bid to stay clear of 404 errors while using the platform, turn off the in-game display.


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