How to Throw a Bullet Pass in Retro Bowl

A bullet pass is a pass that focuses on speed and velocity while eliminating accuracy. The purpose of throwing a bullet pass is so that the receiver gets the ball before an opposing defender can make a move on the ball. Since the distance to the receiving player is short, there is a loss of accuracy, but it won’t affect the accuracy of the ball.


Guide on How to Bullet Pass in Retro Bowl

To be able to throw a bullet pass, you need to pull back with one finger to aim the pass. While pulling back one finger, use another finger or your thumb to change the arc of the pass for a bullet throw. It is important to note that a bullet pass cannot be made if it is not in a straight line.
retro bowl bullet pass
Worth noting is that a player can also tap again and again to go back and forth from a normal throw and a bullet throw in Retro Bowl.

Interesting facts About Retro Bowl Gameplay


In the course of subsequent paragraphs, we will be shedding some light on the basic gameplay of the Retro Bowl.
First off, Retro Bowl is a video game that is based on 11-v-11 American football. It is a game that was designed to be fun, easy to understand and play. In the Retro Bowl game, there is 53 man NFL roster, and in a bid to succeed in the game, you need to manage your roster well.
It is important to note that the gameplay of Retro Bowl can be streamlined in three ways.
The Retro Bowl game does not make its gamers to manage 53 players or even 22. In the game, the player is only responsible for managing their star players. The star player roster in the game caps at 10 players or 12 players if the player has an unlimited version. From then on, the rest of the team is filled with replacement-level players.
Also worth noting is that in the Retro Bowl came, a gamer can only play when your team is on the offense. You cannot play Retro Bowl when your team is on the defense. This rule applies to field goals and extra-point attempts, but not punts or kickoffs.
Finally, in the Retro Bowl game, there is only one offensive personnel package and one defensive personnel package in the Retro Bowl gameplay. You will not see any variation in the personnel that each unit sends on the field.

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The offensive package of the Retro Bowl game consists of:

  • 1 Quarterback
  • 1 Running Back
  • 2 Tight Ends
  • 2 Wide Receivers
  • 5 Offensive Lineman

On the flip side, the defensive package of the Retro Bowl game consists of:

  • 4 Defensive Lineman
  • 3 Linebackers
  • 4 Defensive Backs

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