Dragon Tooth in Stardew Valley

How to find Dragon Tooth in Stardew Valley

The Stardew valley game is a game that features a lot of intriguing in-game materials. There are some in-game materials that are very hard to find, and there are those that are easier to get. There is however one that is very difficult to come by, and that is the Dragon tooth. In the course of this article, we would be showing a gamer how to find a dragon tooth in Stardew Valley.


The dragon tooth is an important item that the gamer would need as the player makes their way to 100% perfection. Without further mouthing, let us look at where a player can find this item in the stardew game.

What is the Dragon tooth?

The dragon tooth can be defined as a rare in-game item that is used for different functions in the game, and can be found in Ginger Island. The ginger island is the new area that was added into the stardew valley game, and can only be accessed after the player has finished the community center storyline.

After the gamer completes the community center, they would then receive a mail about the boat that is at the back of his shop. To be able to repair the boat, about 200 hardwood, five iridium bars, and five batteries would be needed. After the repair of the boat, the next course of action would be to sail into the Ginger Island. It is here that the collection of the dragon teeth would kick off.

It is important for the gamer to note that the dragon tooth in the game is referred to as “the tooth of ancient serpents made from pure iridium.” In the game, the iridium is very valuable, that is why it is very difficult to find.

This is How a Player Can Locate the Dragon Teeth in the Ginger Island

In the ginger island, towards the northern region, the dragon teeth can be found within the volcano dungeon. There is a 15 percent chance of the dragon tooth dropping from the larva lurk enemy. After killing the larva lurk that is always swimming in the larva pools, the loot would go straight to the inventory of the player.


This would stop any other rare loot from falling into the larva instead of your inventory. Getting all the dragon teeth from larva lurks can be a very tedious process. But the player can locate them on ground close to the dragon skeletons in the volcano dungeons.

It is important for the stardew valley gamer to note that the dungeon has up to ten floors and each of the floors has a high chance of containing one of these skeletons. The gamer would need to be on the lookout for bones that are close by. In the process, there is likelihood that the player would find one to three dragon teeth.

To be able to easily find dragon teeth in the ginger island, the player would need to quickly run through each floor of the dungeon on the lookout for skeletons of dragons and larva lurks.  If any of the floor doesn’t contain a larva lurk or a dragon skeleton, head to the next floor.

Getting Dragon Teeth from Fish Ponds

Did you know that fish ponds are a passive source of a lot of in-game materials in Stardew Valley? If the fish pond contains at least 9 stringrays, then you are in a little bit of luck. The reason for this is that the pond has a 5% chance of gifting the player one dragon tooth.

Also worth noting is that string rays can be caught on Ginger Island from the pirate cove. This is an area that is unlockable to the eastern part of the main beach. This area would be made available to the player should they build the island resort.

The fish in stardew valley can be found during any season, weather or time of the day. The moment you manage to get your hands on one fish, all you need to do is to add it to the pond.

What can a Player do with Dragon Teeth?

Now that the gamer has been able to lay hands on a dragon tooth, what do they do with it? On a general note, the dragon tooth does not make for a good gift. All the villagers except for leo hates receiving it. The reason for the treatment villagers give the dragon tooth is its rarity.

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