Bee Nest In Minecraft

How To Get A Bee Nest In Minecraft Game With Easy Steps for Beginners

Bee nests can be found naturally generated in some biomes such as the flower forest. As shown here, it is important to place a campfire beneath before harvesting from it to avoid angering the bees nearby. For if you do anger the bees, they will attack you, lose their stingers in the process and die shortly after. But here is How To Get A Bee Nest In Minecraft Game.


How to locate a bee nest

Bee nests are located by walking in the center of each zone and exiting. This will reveal a hole. It should look like this: Finding a nest is almost as easy as finding a chest, and sometimes it is the same.

The nest will be at the very center of each biome, but they may be in different places and on different shores. How to build a bee nest Bee nests have two main parts. The bottom is the actual nest, and the top is where you place your beehive.
It is a good idea to have all the pieces of the hive together before you place it down for a good fit. To make a bee nest, you must first place down the bottom pieces.

Once the bottom is in place, you can place the top pieces in position. To build a beehive, just click in the center of the bottom and select your beehive recipe.

Getting started-build your camp

The first step is to build a campfire. One way to do this is by right-clicking in the crafting menu and choosing “Crafting…”. Then create a ground brick by dragging a chunk of ground into a blue button. It doesn’t matter where you drag the chunk of ground – they all perform the same function.

After you have created the ground brick, you will be prompted to build a bed around it by clicking the Bed Block on the game board that shows on the right.

Once the brick is built, you will need to harvest the firewood from around your campfire. To do this, place a Pickaxe near your campfire. Picking up the wood Once you have harvested the wood, you need to put it into your inventory for later. You will need wood for crafting later in the process, so save your log first.

Finding the bee nest

Bee nests are at the center of a circle. If you are standing on the perimeter of that circle and walk a circle counter-clockwise, you will find them in the center.


Harvesting the honey

Once you have harvested the honey from the bee nest, it will be placed into your inventory and can be used to craft items such as honey pots, vials, torches and shields. All these items can be crafted with the torches and shields crafted from the bee nest itself.

Creating a portable honey pot, Of course, honey pots can also be crafted with any item that is made out of wood and you can add any inscription to them, such as a lock and key or a skeleton and a picture of a wizard.

Creating a honey vial When you craft honey vials, you can craft more by just slotting honey into any already existing vial. But, the honey vials will be craftable for a longer time until you visit a beehive again.

The stingers – how to avoid angering the bees

To avoid getting stung, use a “buddy” who will move in between you and the bees and help keep them at bay. Alternatively, the bee nest will open when your inventory is full of stones. It will then become available again once you leave.

The heat source – how to heat the nest It is a simple matter to construct a campfire underneath the bee nest so that it warms the nest and keep the bees from attacking you. When you move around and harvest rocks from the nest, it will remain warm.


Bee nests are one of the most important building blocks for Minecraft biome-specific survival builds. Due to their relatively simple construction method and relative ease of use, bee nests can be utilized in a vast array of different game scenarios ranging from survival to mining and from horde to farming. They make great decoration elements for the Minecraft world, often being used to create beautiful and vibrant environments.

That being said, while some of these builds may look impressive, we hope this article has provided a clear overview of the options available and demonstrated the importance of proper beekeeping techniques. Good beekeeping techniques are paramount to ensuring that your colony lives on for many years, at least once they have built their beehive.


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