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How to Make Coloured Torches in Minecraft Education Edition

Dedicated Minecraft gamers will always fine possible ways to get things done in the game in other to help them survive each series. Mostly in the survival series, players must make available some craftable items in order to help them survive in the game. So, if you wondering ‘how do you make coloured torches in minecraft Education Edition?’ Then this guide will put you through the various steps to get that done within a few minutes.


What Are Minecraft Torches and What Are They Used For?

Torches are one of those craftable items in Minecraft used to craft jack o’lanterns. A torch is one type of minecraft tool created in Indev, and it gives one of the simplest support for dynamic and placeable source of light light.

Normally, you may not notice torches because they act as if they are not there, and players are able to walk over them. Being a non-solid block, this even prevents sand and gravel from falling down past a square with a torch on it. sand or gravel break when they fall on top of a torch. If sand or gravel is placed directly above a torch, they act as if they were on any other solid material, allowing them to be used as environmental triggers, such as airlocks. When being placed in water, the torch breaks due to the water closing in on it.

Minecraft Education Edition Torches Recipe

Just before handing a step by step guide to get this done, you may have to find out what recipe is used in making Torches. Two major recipes forms a Torch and here we list them below;

  1. 1x Stick
  2. 1x Coal/Charcoal

This is How to Make Coloured Torches in Minecraft Education Edition

Torches in Minecraft Education Edition are generally crafted using charcoal, making them the first renewable light source in the game that is also obtainable and permanent. Torches can now be placed on glowstone, can also be moved about if players decide. This is honestly one of the easiest tool to make in minecraft series.

However, torches can be found in strongholds, abandoned mineshafts, woodland mansions, bonus chests, villages, and the End’s exit portal. They can also be found in the majority of mineshaft chest minecarts…Meaning, they are readily available and cheap to craft like we earlier said.

Steps To Craft a Torch in Minecraft Education Edition

There are basically three steps involved while crafting a Torch Education Edition and we hand them to you below.

Step 1: Locate Your Crafting Menu


torch menu in minecraft
The very first step involved is opening your Minecraft crafting menu. The crafting Menu should look like what you see on the picture above.

Step 2: Add Stick and Coal To Menu

minecraft torch menu
The second step is adding items you’ve gathered to the crafting Menu, so in this case…your stick coal or charcoal should be added to the crafting Menu right away. As soon as you add these recipes to your crafting Menu, you will notice the appearance of 4 torches in the box.
Note: It should either be coal or charcoal, as both cannot be used at the same time.

Step 3: Move Torch To Inventory For Use

torch in inventory
Now that you have succeeded in crafting the torch, you need to move them to your inventory for use.

Torches Command On Different Platforms

There are different set of commands for different Minecraft platforms…the different keybinds available are;
Xbox One, PE, Win 10, Switch

Command: /give @p torch 1 0
Java Edition 1.13 and Higher

Command: /give @p torch 1

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A Few Things You Should Know, Do and Avoid

  • If a block falls onto a torch (sand or gravel or dragon egg), it breaks the block and gives a player the resource, but the gravel will not drop flint. However, if the torch is placed quickly enough after removing the base of a stack of gravity-obeying blocks, the stack remains in place.
  • In 1.8, if one pays very close attention to the light emitted by a torch, one can see that it slightly flickers, like a real flame.
  • If torches are put near ice, it melts the ice after a moment or two.
  • Torches cannot be placed on top of ice and leaves.
  • Torches share the same light level that a locked chest emits.
  • In Java Edition, players can put torches in their offhand. Thus, allowing the player to be able to freely use tools without having to scroll through the hotbar to place torches.
  • If water or lava flows on top of or around the torch, the torch will be turned into an item.
  • Players can make gravel or sand stay still if there is a torch below it.
  • Torches were planned to be removed and replaced by lanterns in 1.4, but the lantern was dismissed until 1.14, and the torch remained in use.

Also Know This

  • Notch wanted to add the feature of torches running out and relighting it with flint and steel, but the community voted against that.
  • If players put a torch on the underside of a block, it will appear on the ground directly below it.
  • A dragon egg will be broken if it falls on top of a torch, dropping itself as an item.
  • Placing a torch at face level underwater will create a temporary air block, allowing a player to regain their breath. This is not possible in Bedrock Edition.
  • Soul fire torches are slightly less brighter than regular torches.
  • Before 1.7, naturally generated torches in an abandoned mineshaft would not emit light. This could be fixed by placing a block next to or near the torch. This is referred to as a “lighting error.”
  • If torches are naturally generated in a village (on the sides of stripped wood blocks), they have a chance of not being on the wood.

We perhaps may had served you well on How to Make Coloured Torches in Minecraft Education Edition. Comments and suggestions are accepted down below.

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