Asta's Demon Liebe

Is Asta’s Demon Liebe Stronger Than Lucifer?

Before we start with this article, let us warn you beforehand. This article might include spoilers from Manga. If you are more into anime and don’t want yourself to get spoiled before the animation is released. Better stay away.


However, if you are someone who has completed both anime and manga and is still here, we will take that as you want answers to the title.

That being said, tighten your seatbelt!

Block Clover started on unstable footing. They were unable to get the amount of audience expected. However, as the anime moved forward, it managed itself, recovered, and won audiences over. Today, most otakus debate among themselves to have Black Clover as one of the BIG THREE of the new generation.

Though the anime made a bad first impression because of the protagonist granting personality and formulaic setup, audiences were stuck with the Black clover and have grown with it.

If you are here without seeing even a single season of Black Clover, you must stop here. There is no point in you continuing. We would advise you to watch the episodes of Block Clover from and then continue with this article.

The Story Starts With…

Asta's Devil

Asta is an obnoxiously loud person and not a very intelligent guy from his universe. From the very first episode, he stood out from the rest of the shonen protagonists because of how loud he can be while talking.

Then enters his rival Yuno – a person blessed with magic. With the combination of the magical world and underdog storyline, both Asta and the Black bulls made the theme of the Anime – Black Clover.

As the story progressed, demons were introduced in the story to make things more interesting. And surprisingly, Asta got his own demon to power up and fought against the villains (A typical power-up every protagonist gets when they are weak at the start).

As season 4 comes to an end, Asta’s demon Liebe talks about the hierarchy in the demon world and how he was tormented for not having any magical power. There he talked about Lucifero for the first time. Lucifero is the kind of the underworld.

The story ends here in the anime. However, if we move forward with manga, you will come across chapters where demons have infiltrated the world and Lucifero has finally entered the realm of humans.

The fight goes on, and finally, Lucifero is defeated with the help of captains, Yuno’s Spirit Dive, Asta’s Demon Union, and help from others.


This is where most otakus started asking the question of whether Asta’s Demon Liebe is the Strongest demon or Lucifero is still the strongest and was only defeated because he was not resurrected with his 100% power.

To know the answer, we first need to know what Asta’s ability and skills are?

What Are Asta’s Ability And Skills?

As Liebe fought with Lucifer in the union state with Asta, Asta’s ability and skills need to be taken into consideration to measure how strong Liebe is or will become in the future.


If we talk about magic, you must know that neither Asta nor Liebe has any magic. This is the reason why they were outcasts in their worlds. However, when they combine power, Asta gets a 5 Clover Grimoire with four anti-magic blades.

These anti-magic blades allow Asta to cancel any form of magic or magical attack. Asta was able to bring out the demon’s power from the Grimoire after Witch Queen helped him to heal with her blood magic.


This is where Asta shines the most. He has perfect body conditioning, which he has trained for since childhood. He has even practiced with a sword, which makes him better with swords.

  • Great Strength: Asta regularly trained his body, giving him more physical strength, far superior to an average person. This is the reason why he can lift that anti-magic sword.
  • Expert Swordsmanship: Because of his regular practice in swinging the swords, he has reached a state where his swings are accurate and fast.
  • Excellent Speed: Asta can move fast enough to fool others into thinking he is using acceleration magic.
  • Ki: It is a Sixth sense Asta developed with the help of Yami (His captain).
  • Demonic Union: Asta is now able to merge with Liebe and gain a power-up.

Demon Form: Asta’s Demon Power

Right from the beginning of the Black Clover Anime, there has always been a vague introduction of Liebe. The projection has always been a black Silhouette with extraordinary ability.

If we take the anime cliche, some say that Asta’s demon is the strongest, and it is just a matter of time before that seal is broken. On the other hand, some other audiences believe that Asta’s demon is weakest without magical power.

But with Asta and the anti-magic power hold the potential to become an existence that uses magical powers with only his existence.

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Liebe – Is Asta’s Demon The Strongest?

If we want to answer this without taking any cliche into consideration, the answer is pretty simple – NO!

Liebe might be useful for his anti-magic ability, but at most, the ability can be used as a decoy. If we are comparing Liebe and Lucifero in terms of power, manga has already shown that Liebe was possessed by Lucifero. This clearly shows Liebe stands no chance.

This is where the beautiful story of Asta takes place. The Black Clover is a journey for Asta where he grows strong. So, we think Liebe might not be strong enough alone. But, with Asta’s physical skills and abilities combined, Liebe might become a part of the most powerful character of Black Clover.


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