Gna in God Of War Ragnarok

How To Defeat Gna in God Of War Ragnarok (Boss Fight Guide)

Of the toughest opponents that a gamer can come up against in the God of War Ragnarok game is Gna, the queen of the Valkyrie. In the course of this article, we will be covering a practical guide on how to defeat Gna in the God of War Ragnarok game.


Where Can A Gamer Find Gna The Valkyrie Queen?

Before you talk about beating Gna in the God of War Ragnarok game, you need to, first of all, need to know how to find Gna. This is what the subsequent paragraphs are dedicated to.

In a bid to find Gna is the God of War Ragnarok, you need to complete the Main Story Of War Ragnarok. Afterwards, you will start a post-game exploration known as the Epilogue, alongside other new features and in-game quests that will be unlocked. As the game character is beating enemies, you will find Lore Scrolls carried by an NPC known as the Aesir. The Lore Scrolls you will find were handed out by Gna, the Valkyrie queen, and one of the Lore Scrolls details that she has intentions of regrouping and fortifying a temporary base in Muspelheim.

Head to Muspelheim, and spot a small space under the wall that is on the southern side of the central arena. After crawling under the small gap, look for marks on the wall that you can latch onto with the Bladed of Chaos. Your game character will now end up on a large platform with a campsite and journal.


Before your game character can inspect the Journal, Queen Gna, will then ambush you and goad you into battle.

Worth noting is that she will wait with patience for your game character (Kratos) to approach or make the first strike- give you ample tie to retreat if you are not ready. The boss fight between Gna and Kratos is the toughest fight in God of War Ragnarok.

How To Beat Gna, Queen Of Valkyrie With Kratos

To be able to beat Gna without any fuss, the gamer needs good preparation. To be very hyper-offensive, you can use heavy runic attacks such as the Blades of Chaos, or the Draupnir spear’s Artillery of the Ancients. This way, the game character can deal with sustained damage and keep the Queen of Valkyrie pinned and open for other attacks. To get the best out of your attack, the gamer can set the Spartan Rage to Fury. setting the Spartan Rage to the highest level helps to build stun quickly and healing for Kratos.

To go on the offensive when fighting Gna, you need to use the Onslaught Shield. This weapon has a good rush ability. With it, a gamer can interrupt Gna’s double blue-ringed attacks from far away.

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Also worth noting is that the Steinbjorn armour can also help you in your boss’s fight against Gna. It is built to offer some combat defence for Kratos.  One factor that makes this fight so difficult for newbie GoW gamers is the relentless pace and unpredictability of Gna’s attacks. If you make one wrong move, Kratos can end up dead very quickly. To have an upper hand, you have to learn and master her attacker triggers.


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