God Of War Ragnarok Ratatoskr: Who Is The Squirrel

Who Is The Squirrel In God Of War Ratatoskr?

The squirrel in God Of War is known as Yggdrasil Ratatoskr. In the God of War Ragnarok game, he appears as a foul-mouthed runic animal that Atreus can easily summon to give Kratos stones. In the game, Atreus introduces the Squirell to Kratos as his Spectral Counterpart.


From the beginning of time, Ratatoskr was a normal squirrel that was almost killed by a predator. However, after arriving on the World Tree, the Tree saw potential in the Squirell and made him a tenant to Yggdrasil. This now granted the Squirell immortality and powers at the cost of not being able to leave the World Tree. This is why in God Of War Ragnarok, it is the job of the Squirell to look after the Nine Realms.

The Squirell First Appearance In God Of War Ragnarok

The first appearance that the Squirell made in God of War was to Kratos and Atreus when they were about to go to Alfheim. Before both game characters embark on the journey, the Squirell introduces himself and then proceeds to polish the resin on Kratos’ Realm Seed. Next the Squirell game both Kratos and Atreus instructions on how the Realm seeds will be useful to them before giving them instructions on how they will use it to open Realm Travel to other Realms. These instructions are important to the game characters because Brok and Sindri performed reconfigurations.


The second meeting is when they return to Yggdrasil. Here, the Squirell will grant Kratos a chime that will be used to summon the Squirell whenever needed.

The Abilities Of The squirrel (Yggdrasil Ratatoskr)

As the caretaker of the Nine Realms, the Squirell is endowed with interesting powers and abilities. In the course of subsequent paragraphs, let us look at the abilites:

  • Immortality: One interesting power that the Squirell possess, is the ability to stay alive forever. This has allowed Rattoskr to live for centuries. It is important to note that the only way that the Squirell can die is if he is if the World Tree is destroyed.
  • Reality Warping: Another ability that Ratatoskr possess is Reality Warping. The Squirrel can conjure up items such as a chime which is an in-game item that responds to the Leviathan Axe that Kratos owns. With this ability, the Squirell can also fix the damage Garm did to the fabric of reality across the World Tree among the Nine Realms.
  • Emotional Projection: The Squirell also has the ability to remove certain parts of his personality that he finds useless. Did you know Ratatoskr can project emotions that allow him to bypass limitations that make it impossible for him to leave the World Tree?
  • Conjuration: The Squirell in God of War Ragnarok also has the capacity to conjure mystical stones for Kratos and Atreus.
  • Portal Opening: The Squirell in GoW has demonstrated that he has the capacity to create portals for the Stags of the Seasons to return.
  • Superhuman Speed: Ratatoskr in GoW is indicated to be very fast, as he has shown that he has the ability to reach Kratos’ location from the branches of the World Tree.


Ratatasks are so-called in God of War because they are assigned by the squirrel who is known as “Ratatoskr”. Ratatasks are literally tasks assigned by the Squirell.


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