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177013 Manga Explained – Everything You Need To Know Metamorphosis Manga

There are lots of Mangas out there worth binge-watching. But what are they particularly? Mangas in a simple way, are graphic novels or comic books that have a Japanese origin. They have a twist and are usually serialized in newspapers and magazines. In the course of this article, we will be taking you through a walkthrough of what 177013 Manga is all about.


What is the Meaning of 177013 Manga?

177013 Manga is an anime series that came out in the form of an internet Manga. 177013 Manga is also known as the ‘Metamorphis manga/Emergence manga’. For those of us who don’t know what manga is, it is a Japanese comic book that shows art illustrations used to tell stories. It is important to note that this Japanese comic was created by American-British Mangaka Shindo L. It became popular because of its grim-like storyline. Manga got more fandom because of the crisp lines and art style employed in the storytelling.

What the 177013 Manga Story is all About

177013 Manga is also known as the ‘Metamorphis manga/Emergence manga’. The story of the 177013 Manga follows the main character, Yussuke Tozawa, who is a body that finds himself trapped in a fantasy world known as “Murasukami.” Tozawa is a boy that needs to be helped to defeat the enemies in the story and save the world. In this story, he has the power to transform into any animal. The major reason Tozawa needs help to defeat his enemies is that he is a prodigy in the art of magic.

In the manga, there are realistic scenes that depict Yuusuke Tozawa’s loneliness and the longing he has for his family.
In the story, one day, Tozawa senses something wrong when he goes out alone. When he comes back home, he notices that his house has been destroyed.

Just as he seems hopeless, a man named Tatsu meets Yuusuke. They become friends and then start investigating the destruction of the house. Together, they find out that what was behind the incident was a dark force called the “Death of God.”


They need the help of a wizard name Rokumougami in the Manga to save the world. Tozawa then finds out about the “Death God” and the manga series goes on to reveal the secret of the “Goddess God”.

It is important for a newbie to this manga to understand that the comic tackles serious topics such as friendship, faith, love, and magic.  In summary, the main character Yuusuke Tozawa tries to help others in the comic, when he learns the truth about his existence. He is caught in the crossfire of spending time with his friends or staying as a magical being in order to continue existing.

Why is it Called 177013 Manga?

The name of this Manga is Emergence or Metamorphosis. Manga is a name given to Japanese anime series. It is called 177013 Manga because the number is used as an identity to identify a doujin that was published on the internet. 177013 is the part of the website’s page address where the Manga known as Emergence is located.

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Who made 177013?

The creator of 177013 Manga is Shindo L. This story of the 177013 Manga follows the main character, Yussuke Tozawa, who is a body that finds himself trapped in a fantasy world known as “Murasukami.”

The Downside of this Manga

One of the major downsides of the 177013 Manga is that it contains a lot of filler chapters that contain graphics that are not drawn well. This can cause readers of the manga to be frustrated. An interesting way to enjoy the manga is to go through the Japanese translation of the 177013 manga.


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