Package Received After FedEx CutOff

Package Received After FedEx CutOff Meaning and What to Do

Most FedEx customers who are expecting a delivery get the message, “package received after FedEx cutoff”, yet do not know what it means. In the course of this article, we would carefully exhaust what it means and other interesting details. Without further ado let us delve in.


Package Received After FedEx CutOff MeaningĀ 

fedex package received after fedex cutoff

Package Received After FedEx CutOff simply means that your package was received after it’s cutoff time. This implies that the package will not be moved on the same business day, rather it will be shipped on the following day.

Detailed Explanation

In the same light, it also means that the package was dropped off at the FedEx terminal after the cut-off time.

A practical example is when FedEx makes use of airplanes to transit packages. They will have to sort out and process the packages before moving it to the airport. In a bid to reach a timely schedule, they need to reach a cut time for when to stop sorting and send the package to the airport. Most cutoff times in the USA are 8 p.m.

It is important to note that there are FedEx offices in the USA that have a cut-off time of 6 p.m. “Package received after FedEx cutoff” literally means that the mail came in after they said cut-off time.

After this time, the FedEx Express driver will proceed to pick up at 6:15 p.m. if the said cutoff time was 6 p.m.


Also worth noting is that the FedEx driver will move the package to the nearest World Service Centre for sortation.

What Is The Meaning Of “Cut Off Time” In Package Delivery?

Cut-off time, which is also known as closing time is the latest time w delivery company example, FedEx delivered a package to a terminal. It can also be interpreted as the deadline for package delivery, whether it’s a next-day or same-day delivery, a cut-off time can be extended. Also worth noting is that the customers can experience delays in delivery of the packages.

Steps To Take If You Have A Delayed Delivery From FedEx

A as FedEx customer when you are done placing your order, you are given a delivery date. There are worst-case scenarios where FedEx customers wind up with extensively delayed delivery. Hang on! There are ways to go about this problem:

  • Inquire to learn why your package delivery from FedEx was delayed. It is important to note that your shipping carrier is accountable to you, should your package get delayed.
  • Reach out to your shipping carrier and make enquiries about your package order.
  • Ensure that the details and delivery address with you keyed in are correct. Misinformation is one of the root causes of package delivery delay.

Length Of FedEx Package Delivery Delay

There are cases whereby the packages that are received by FedEx are delayed by just one day after the cut-off time. The reason for this is that there is no real difference between delivering the package after its cut-off time or before its cut-off time. The packages are usually taken in by FedEx staff and processed on the same day.

In fact, there are high chances that your package will be processed ahead of others. Also worth noting is that the length of the days wherewith the package is in transit kicks off from when it has been processed by FedEx.

As a practical example, if the package has a 1-6 day transit time, it implies that the length of FedEx package delivery-delay would start counting from the 7th day.


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