Item Returned From Import Customs

Item Returned From Import Customs Meaning and Complete Explanation

Most USA citizens that place orders from overseas mostly get the message “item received from import customs”.¬† Yet they find it hard to fathom what it means. In the course of this article, we will be covering the meaning of this tracking update, alongside other important details. Without further ado let us delve in


Item Returned From Import Customs Meaning 

This tracking update simply means that your order has gone through customs clearance. It also implies that it has been handed over to the carrier that would put your package on transit to you. This carrier can either be; UPS, FedEx, DHL or USPS.

Detailed Explanation

This is not one of the many negative tracking updates, it is a positive one! It means that your package has been cleared by US customs at a shipping dock or at the airport. Conventionally, having your overseas package go through your country’s customs can be filled with hassles.

Having this clearance means that the responsibility of getting your package to you has changed hands. For example, if FedEx is saddled with the responsibility of getting your overseas package to you, it will be moved to a FedEx Regional Facility in your home country.


The next practical step that FedEx will indulge in is sortation and processing. All these steps are what other carriers like DHL, UPS, FedEx and USPS will also go through.

It is important to note that if the package does not go through customs, the message you will get is “Returned To The Sender”.

This happens when the paperwork for the package is not right, or the item that was shipped is not allowed by your country’s customs.

What If Package Is Stuck On “Item Returned From Import Customs”?

All is not always rosy when it comes to getting your overseas package cleared by customs. It can get stuck at times! Here are practical steps to follow if you should ever get stuck at “item returned from import customs”:

  • First off, reach out to the carrier service in charge of getting your package to you. This could be DHL, UPS,USPS or FedEx. This is because after your country’s customs clears your package, the carrier would have scanned it. So they are in a better position to know its whereabouts.
  • Enter the tracking code into a third-party tracking service. In light of these you can opt for 17Track or ParcelsApp. With the aid of these aforementioned services, and many more, you can key in your packages tracking number and find a matching carrier service. If your overseas package was scanned by a different carrier, the tracking information will be revealed.
  • Finally, reach out to the sender of the package overseas and see if they can get in touch with the regional carrier services to see if any information can be retrieved.


Generally, the tracking update- “item returned from import customs” is not a bad status alert. It implies that you have reached the hassle-free part of your package’s transit to you. Your local postal service, or third-party carriers in your country will now sort, process and ship the overseas package to you. So anticipate more positive tracking updates!


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