Walmart Order Delayed

Walmart Order Delayed Explanation and what to do

Are you currently experiencing Walmart delayed order? Well, Walmart is one of the largest eCommerce companies in the USA that has a large customer base, which translates to multiple orders coming in every day. Sometimes, the logistics can be a bit overwhelming causing your Walmart order to be delayed. In the course of this article, we will be looking at practical steps to take if your Walmart order is delayed. We will elucidate the explanation of Walmart order delay.


Walmart Order Delayed Meaning and Reasons

The major reason behind the delay of Walmart orders is backorders. Backorders are an occurrence that disrupts the logistics of inventory. There is a high chance that the purchase for a product you made was confirmed, but not in stock. What Walmart does is that they slow down the shipment of the out-of-stock product with the message “Walmart order delayed”.

Other reasons for your delay can include; delivery delays, pick-up delays, delays from third-party shipment companies (FedX or USPS)

In a delivery delay, that problem can be from the shipping or handling team of the Walmart product. Pick-up delay comes as a result of the supplier not making the product available for the set Walmart customer.

Walmart Order Delay

How Long do Delayed Walmart Orders Take


There’s no exact time or number of days as per how long will your Walmart order be delayed. However, the time frame within which a Walmart order is processed is from 2 to 4 hours.

After the Walmart order is processed, it will be taken to the “shipping stage”. You might get a delay of 2 to 3 days if the product is out of stock. The wait time is when the “processing” stage turns into the “shipping stage”.

Guide On How To Track Your Walmart Order

You can only track your Walmart order by signing into the Walmart account that you used to place the order. Here are practical steps to follow in order to track your Walmart orders:

  • Launch the Walmart app and sign in.
  • Click on the icon that is located at the top right-hand corner.
  • Select the “track orders” option on the user interface.
  • The customer will be required to input their phone number.
  • After a Walmart purchase has been completed, you will be aware of the position of your order and be able to track it.

How To Get A Compensation When Your Order Is Delayed

When your Walmart order is delayed, you can contact them for compensation. They can be reached out to via their social media channels or by email. The Walmart app and website have online chat functionality. In compensation, you can get a percentage off the price of the Walmart product, or get a coupon. In your quest to get compensation, Walmart on their own side will have to confirm your identity, the order, and its validity. Then they will estimate the compensation form that you will receive.

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