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MID NY Distribution Center US Delays, Location, Everything Explained

In the course of this article, we will be looking into a detailed guide about one of the best distribution centers in America – The Mid NY Distribution center.


If a package is sent with the USPS courier service, it goes through different distribution and processing centers before it gets to your doorstep. Every geographical region in the United States of America has a distribution center. The major job of these regional distribution centers scattered across the States is to act as a network for moving parcels until they reach their final destination.

Meaning of Processed Through Mid NY Distribution Center

As a USPS customer, if you get this message, it implies that your international shipment is being processed through the Mid NY Distribution center. The majority of the time the message that you will see is “the item is currently in transit to destination”. It shows that you are international or domestically bound shipment is close to a nearby distribution facility and that within a few moments is make it with your local post office in New York.

How Long Does Your Package Stay At the Mid NY Distribution Center?

As a USPS customer, it is important to note that your shipment stays at the Mid NY Distribution center for less than 24 hours. However, the transport of the package from this Distribution center to another takes at least 6 days. This 6-day wait time is normally affected by a couple of factors. Some of such factors include; issues with the package containment, bad weather, or issues with the container of the package.

Most distribution centers do their best to get rid of all their mails on a daily basis to nearby post offices or other distribution centers.


Mid NY Distribution Center Delays Explained 

Most of the time you can get a message indicating that your package is being processed through the Mid NY distribution center. But after getting the message, the wait time seemed to be taking forever. What the delay implies is that your package has not gone into transit yet. It could also imply that your New York-bound package is stuck in another distribution center.

The reason why you should not worry about the delays is that the USPS has an automated logistical system. Meaning that your mail can get to you no matter the delay it takes.

Where is the Mid My Distribution Center Located

There are lots of regional distribution centers scattered across America. Some are in the New York region with one of them being- the Mid NY distribution center. If you wish to locate the Mid NY Distribution center for any reason, all you need to do is to go to any of the Four locations of Mid New York Centers:

  1. Mid Hudson Processing and Distribution center
  2. USPS: Queens processing and Distribution center
  3. Mercedes Distribution center
  4. Ozone Park Carrier Annex- Post office

Here is a list of the most frequent next points of the Mid NY distribution center:


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