arrived at usps regional destination facility

Arrived At USPS Regional Destination Facility Meaning and Explanation

There are times when if you check your tracking page, you would see the message “Arrived at Regional destination facility”. In the course of this article, we would be explaining the meaning of this message.


What is a USPS Regional Facility?

Before we delve into the meaning of the message, let us envisage what a USPS regional facility is in the first place.
A USPS regional facility is basically a large warehouse, where the mail of USPS customers are processed and redistributed to their destinations. It is important to note that in America, there are over 22 USPS regional facilities. The amount of time that your package spends in being processed redistributed is less than 24 hours.

What Does Arrived At USPS Regional Facility mean?

What Does Arrived At USPS Regional Facility mean?
When you get this update, “Arrived At USPS Regional Facility”, it infers that your mail has made it to one of the regional facilities in the country and is set to be sorted, processed and redistributed, till it gets to you.

Whenever the package of a USPS customer gets to the USPS regional facility, it is broken down from its traveling pallet, then gets put in another pallet so that it can continue its journey. The job of these facilities is to function as a central clearinghouse for your mail. This message implies that your mail has gotten to a waypoint, and is being rerouted with the aim of getting the package to you.

How long does your Package spend at the USPS Regional Facility?

It is important to note that your package spends at least 24 hours at any USPS Regional Facility in the United States of America. There are also some packages that move in and out of the facility within a day or two or even a few hours. The only worst scenario is when there is a delay in sorting your mail, so it would be resorted and then put on a truck for its final destination.

The major factor that causes a delay in a USPS facility is the amount of mail that is in a facility at a particular time. This goes on to affect how quickly the mails can be sorted. During festive seasons, the turnaround time for mail is between 36 to 48 hours. One thing that can cause delay again is the breakdown of machinery or weather conditions.

Some Best Practices For Getting a Faster delivery

Here are some things you can start doing in order to start getting faster delivery. In your mail, always try to include a geographical landmark near where you live. This would help the USPS driver to easily identify where to drop off the mail.


Always try not to send items that are breakable as mail. In the process of sorting them in the USPS Regional facility, they might break.

It is best to use a Smartphone application of USPS that is hosted on an iPhone or an Android. Mobile phones are always with you, while computers are not. This would help you to be constantly updated regarding any mailing issues.

Is my Package Safe at a USPS Regional Facility?

Yes, your mail is absolutely safe. It is important to note that the regional facilities that hold your mail are not giant commercial warehouses. They are an organization bent on solely moving mail from one distribution center to another.

The people that work in the USPS regional facility are just employees of the USPS, so don’t worry, as your mail would be safe. If you notice that your package was held up in a USPS Regional Facility for a longer duration than you anticipated, then you need to be alarmed.

Where are Mails Taken After they leave the USPS Regional Facility?

The next destination of your mail after it leaves the regional distribution facility is dependent on where the mail is on its journey. If the mail is still far from its destination address, then it would be heading to another distribution center that is close to the address of the mail owner.

When it reaches the final distribution center, it would then be sent to your local post office and then be delivered.  It is important to note that most processing and distribution centers are built to be together.


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