Metro NY Distribution Center

Metro NY Distribution Center Location and Regional Facility Guide

The United States postal service has over 250 mail processing and distribution facilities. And they also have 22 independent distribution centers that are strategically located across America. It is with the aid of these facilities that the USPS sorts out and distributes mail for dispatch and delivery. In the course of this article, we would be taking you through a guide on Metro NY distribution center details and its location.

Processed through Metro NY Distribution center Explained

Processed through Metro NY Distribution center
The New York process and Distribution center is one of the largest postal service processing facilities in the United States of America. It is in this distribution center that originating mail is processed for Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Staten Island. This distribution center also processes destination mail for Manhattan and The Bronx.
Whenever you get the message that your item is processed through the Metro NY distribution facility, it means that it is with the center, and is being ready for its next destination which is usually the Bronx or Manhattan.
Most of the time, your package could be stuck in the Metro distribution center for good and bad reasons. Maybe the package has not been logged yet, or that there are lots of packages to be processed at that point in time in the center.
You might get a message such as “Stuck in transit”, indicating that the package has not been scanned at any depot in the Metro NY distribution and processing center in the last 24 hours.

How long does it take for Your Package to Arrive at the Metro NY distribution center?

Arrive at the Metro NY distribution center
A lot of people research how long it takes for a package to be in transit from a distribution center. Most distributions are equipped in a way that dock wait times are reduced. The Metro NY distribution center is one of the 22 individual network distribution centers that is located strategically throughout the United States of America.
What this means is that there are high chances that if your package is at the Metro NY and you are located nearby, you would get your package in no time.
The only downside might come from weather conditions, government lockdowns, etc. It is important to note that a processing center is different from a distribution center. Although most of the time, some processing and distribution centers are located together.
The processing center prepares your package for shipment. While the distribution center moves it to its final destination. The time frame for all this to happen, all things being equal is from 24 hours to 4 days.

Metro New York Distribution Center Location

Metro New York Distribution Center Location
Well, if you want to take a physical trip to the Metro NY distribution and processing center, you can go to Queens Processing and Distribution center 1402 20th Ave. Another distribution center that you can locate is in Mid-island, Melville, New York, United States.
The Brooklyn distribution center in New York is located at 1194 Metropolitan Ave, and their call number is +1 718-497-1385.
Also worth noting is that the USPS Morgan Processing and distribution center is located at the United States Parcel Post Building, 341 9th Ave, New York, NY 10199, United States.

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