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ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS) | Processed Through Facility ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS) Explanation

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Here in this piece, we will be answering several bothering questions on ‘ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS)‘. As well as give the needed explanation on ‘Processed Through Facility ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS)‘. So, have any of the terms we mentioned here been a problem for you? Not just that, we’ve got great ideas for you on what to do if you encounter difficulties with the United States mailing process.

USPS Los Angeles ca international distribution center one of the five locations in the States where mail and other packages moving in and out of the states are scrutinized. As soon as your package had arrived at USPS regional facility Los Angeles CA international distribution center, that when you will get the message ‘Processed Through Facility ISC Los Angeles CA’.

Processed Through Facility ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS)
Processed Through Facility ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS)

On most occasions, this is where users of this service get worn out – having to wait for days weeks, and in some cases months. Having seen lots of users of this service complain this much, we had to bring up ways and what exactly you need to know and do in different situations.

What is ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS)? – ISC Los Angeles ca (USPS) Meaning

You still wondering what exactly does ISC Los Angeles ca (USPS) means? Well, it simply means International Service Center, Los Angeles California. Los Angeles international service center serves as one of the United States International Postal Service Center.

There are other facilities like this in the country in five other locations including New York and Chicago. This is where items arriving and exiting the United States of America are received, screened, and process before being passed to its assigned destination.

Processed Through Facility ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS) – What It Means?

What Does processed through facility ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS) mean? This is an automated message from the system simply telling you that your item has been Processed Through Facility ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS). This is after going through the needed office checks. So, when items show ‘Processed Through Facility ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS)’, next is the Customs checks and your item leaves that very location. Delivery solely depends on how long it takes for customs clearance.

ISC Los Angeles CA USPS Delay – Package Stuck at ISC Los Angeles?

Well, this is where most of you really wanted. As a matter of fact, it has almost been a norm in the States as many complain of packages taking longer than expected to arrive. Normally, sorting at the services center usually takes 24hours and at most 48hours. But on some occasions, it takes over months and we have identified some possible causes.

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From our conversation with a couple of workers in the sector, we gathered that if a package loses its tracking number then it might take a bit longer than what it should have been earlier. However, when packages move from the ISC center, the next place it arrives is ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS) customs office for checks – and here is where most of the delays are bound to happen.

Once mail items enter the facility, they are marked by tracking as ‘Processed Through Facility ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS.)’

The packages are tracked by machine as they arrive, sorted, and then sent through customs where the mail items may pass through quickly, or be held for further inspection. Tracking does not show where the packages are within the facility. Once they have left the ISC, USPS tracking will show them ‘In Transit.’

ISC Los Angeles ca (USPS) tracking

International Service Center has only one function, to send mail on its way to the next location. Since some sorting operations take place only once a day, no package should be there for 24 hours. But what really confuses people is that after it is done there, it will be in transport, where tracking is not able to be done.

Parcel tracking is done on machines at postal facilities. No update after ISC means it is moving to the next stage in its journey. Tracking is unable to tell you where something is but can tell you only where it was at that minute.

ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS)
ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS)

ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS) Customs

These are guys who go through your items, packages, and mails to pass them fit enough or not. Items do not take over a day to be sorted by these Men except for this period where there is a rapid increase in online service – leaving their office overwhelmed with packages.

ISC Los Angeles ca (USPS) address

It’s rather laughable when I see people searching the internet for ISC Los Angeles ca (USPS) facility address, phone number, or location. The truth is your call to them may not even change anything if you ever get through. Meanwhile, here is an address to their help team, if only you will get a response from them soon.

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  • Am looking for my order that arrived at your center on 2021-03-24 at 09:36 from San Diego. It’s small about 2oz. Tracking #9400111298370795664714. Any help?

  • My order is still in the fausility since 3-15-2021 can you tell me why it’s taking so long to get to long Beach. Here is my tracking #…ly668938914cn..

  • My package (tracking #CL054806205RU) was posted from Russia on March 6 and arrived in Los Angeles on March 10. It passed through Customs, but the last date I have for it is March 14. Today is April 19. The last message I received was that the package is “in transit, but will arrive late.”. Ha! It’s 40 days late, and my patience is running T-H-I-N.

  • Where’s my large package? Tracking number UU038600361CN from China Quan You. It says no tracking information found.
    Los Angeles, arrive at the Land Processing Center
    5/4/2021 it was ordered April 18th 2021.

  • By taking out the carriage returns (breaks between sentences,) the comment becomes difficult to parse.

  • Hey, bud I’m facing the same issue its been like 25 days and it says inbound to customs. It’s so frustrating, did u receive your package yet?

  • I have 2 package that are stuck at customs LS421726783CN and LS421726766CN for over a month now. Any help?

    • Hi Dorris, did your tracking number reflect the move? Or was it stuck at ISC status the whole time it was getting sent back?

  • hi, my order is stuck @ the isc LA facility again? is there a way for me to find out if it will be sent to me or sent back to original address? this is the 2nd time they sent the package

    tracking: #RS603324112JP

  • My package was last tracked Since May 25th,2021 at ISC Los Angeles CA (USPS). No update.
    Tracking CP070144806TR.

  • Tracking number 9400128206335543942107 has been sitting still since Sept 24. Can someone there tell me why?

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