isc chicago il (usps) tracking

Processed Through Facility ISC Chicago IL (USPS) 2024 Explained | ISC Chicago IL (USPS) Tracking

ISC Chicago il is one of the five international service center in the states where incoming and outgoing mails and packages touchdown before being dispatched to their various destinations. However, users are always eager to know the meaning of the automated message “Processed through facility ISC Chicago il (USPS)” and we have made a comprehensive explanation here in this article.


Of all the international service centers in the states, That of Chicago is known to be notoriously keeping people’s mails and packages for a longer period of time. This is from responses we get from people who have constantly been using this center.

Processed through facility isc chicago il

Processed through facility isc chicago il

Meanwhile, when your mail or package arrived at USPS regional destination facility Chicago il international distribution center, the next thing you should be getting is – Processed through facility ISC Chicago il (USPS) alert. This simply means your package has gone through the necessary office check and moved to the customs office. Next is delivery to your doorstep, but in some cases, it takes longer than it should be.

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ISC Chicago il (USPS) – What Does It Mean?

Well, the abbreviation ISC Chicago il (USPS) simply means ‘International Service Center Chicago’. This is one of the locations where packages and mails coming into America is processed.  The processes involved here are; screening of mail, screening packages, sending to custom for final clearance before proceeding to any state in America for products coming into the US. This same process is applicable to products going out of the state too.

What Does Processed Through Facility ISC Chicago il (USPS) Really Mean?


Your item has been processed through our facility in ISC Chicago il (USPS what does that mean)? Well, This simply means your package has gone through the necessary office check and moved to the customs office. But here let’s explain in more regard to how USPS treats and handles incoming international packages from around the world. When a package’s status changes to show that it’s been processed through an international service center (ISC) like that of Chicago, it will have to go through US customs, get imported, and then released for USPS to start transporting it.

Note: Once you get the message ” Item processed through our facility in ISC Chicago il”. It should be in Customs Inspection, which is in Chicago for part of the USA.

How Long Does a Package Stay in ISC Chicago

Honestly one can’t get an accurate answer to this question straight away. However, it should take two days at most as users of other international service centers across the country have been having similar services. But on the other hand we may not be to tell if it is after when packages are dispatched from USPS international service center, Chicago il international distribution center is when the delay starts. If it is so, then custom should be blamed for it.

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How Long Does it Take for a Package to Clear Customs in Chicago

48 hours at most. Checks and screening by the custom personnel should not be more than 48hours, but in many instances, we have had packages stuck for over 5 to 7 days or even more. One can understand the delays in the screening process these days, because of coronavirus most of transactions are made online which has simply had the USPS international distribution center overwhelmed. So, if you have international package stuck at ISC Chicago at the moment, then no need to panic as it will definitely be cleared once it gets to your turn.

Where Does Package Go After Departing Chicago il international distribution center?

If your package has departed USPS regional facility Chicago il international distribution center then the Custom office should be next. We have said this earlier but we had to rephrase it to help tackle the question as they come from users of this service. The arrival is what you will be thinking of next. However, we can’t tell exactly when, especially when the postal offices are saturated with mails. Mean, on a norm, it takes not more than 48 hours.

Chicago il international distribution center USPS phone number

Reaching out to the Chicago international distribution center will certainly come to your mind once your package get stuck, but how do you get through? Well, we will only give you a link to the United States Postal Services which will certainly have an answer to what question you put to them. However, you may also fill out the online complaint form or perhaps reach out to their contact page.

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88 thoughts on “Processed Through Facility ISC Chicago IL (USPS) 2024 Explained | ISC Chicago IL (USPS) Tracking

  1. How can I find information about the package that I sent to Russia if the last time I received the e-mail that the package processed through facility in Chicago on January 13? It was the last time & last place where it had been seen.

      • Help!!!! My parcel has not been tracked Tracking Number: EZ197714433US since then
        Your item arrived at our USPS warehouse at the CHICAGO, Illinois INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER on January 5, 2022 at 12:47 p.m.!!!! She’s gone!!!! Or rather, the package was STOLEN!!!


      • A package I purchased arrived at Chicago ISC May 1st and it is still stuck there on May 29th. This is the second expensive item I have had taken at ISC and not received. Is there anything that can be done about this

          • I bought a necklace on Ebay from India a few months ago…it was processed and cleared customs through the Jamaica/ Queens NY office within 24 hours no problem. I bought a 2nd necklace recently from same Ebay store…it arrived ISC in Chicago weeks ago and is still there with no new updates. So I guess best thing to do is hope your international packages don’t go through Chicago because at best it could be weeks or months, if you even get it at all.

      • They are all thieves man! They even messed up and moved it to expected delivery after processing then switched it back to processed through facility and it’s been like that a month.

  2. Is there lot of theft at ISC Chicago? Or does stuff just disappear? I don’t have a problem when packages come through NewYork. But ALWAYS when coming through ISC Chicago some I never get and sender has to resend. If there was a zero star that would be my rating. This place sucks. Plain and simple. Money disappears from envelopes. Packages never found. Hmmmmm. ???

    • As a former postal worker don’t send money. It’s not that people are stealing it your mail being processed on a machine that is only mail is in the envelope and the envelope is flimsy its going to open and by the time the mail is being swept into the bins, your money is totally separated from your envelope. Hope this helps. Also it’s very hard to still in the postal service and not get caught. There are camera in the sealing tunnel that you can also walk through and look at every employee. Theft is not tolerated. If someone is stealing it’s a matter of time. Sometimes they purposely place money on the machines as bait to ween out the thieves.

    • The system being used there is obviously inefficient and broken.
      If there is more mail received there than can be processed timely then
      a change in the handling system is needed with great importance.
      Lost items or theft are both the same result.
      This ISC in Chiago would need an audit to determine if it should
      Be replaced with an efficient reputable service, because this isn’t it.

    • Exactly…I recently bought a 2nd item from the same company I purchased from a few months ago…the first time my item was processed through NY and was processed and cleared customs within 24 hours no problems. This time it was processed through Chicago and it’s been there for weeks with no updates. Apparently Chicago is the worst hub in the country from what I’m hearing.

  3. My mail stuck at ISC Chicago Il since Jan 6, 2021, no any moving so far. How anxious!! What should I do can get an answer my mail is safe or when to schedule the next step or missing? If I heard something, will not be so much worried.

    • I have eight different packages that arrived at ISC Chicago on May 6 – 8. There has been no movement since the 8th. This happened last year. I had a package arrive on February 12th 2020 at ISC Chicago and I didn’t receive it until January 22, 2021. ISC Chicago is a joke.


    • mine says Tracking Number: LM159155654CA
      Your item has been processed through our facility in ISC CHICAGO IL (USPS) at 8:16 am on May 15, 2021.
      Processed Through Facility
      May 15, 2021 at 8:16 am
      ISC CHICAGO IL (USPS) but status bar is blue was supposed to be here 5/19 now now info on it

  5. I ordered a custom diamond painting from China at the end of March. It’s been STUCK at the infamously terrible Chicago ISC since April 13. Someone send a message to the Chicago ISC to get their crap together. I’ve called them and customs doesn’t even have my order. I’m never ordering something from overseas again. Just awful service. I can’t even get a refund.

  6. I truly hate when I see my packages arrive to Chicago ISC because I typically have to wait weeks sometimes a month before it arrives to my distribution center in Saint Louis Missouri. I can almost swim to China to pick my packages up faster than waiting for them to arrive to me from Chicago.

  7. I’m checking on my package It hasn’t moved since 5/2. I just want to make sure it keeps moving

    • My ackage is still in Chicago il, if tracking information is correct, from 29 of April :/
      It was supposed to be in Latvia in 10 days… I tried to write to USPS, but, because I’m not the sender, they answered me then they can’t help me except to give again tracking option link I already had…
      My American friend told me then he hace called there, but didn’t get any answer about reasons of deley.
      Don’t know what to do…

  8. I sent my Tracked mail from UK to IRS TX on April 22 2021. I called Chicago ISC today and was told it was scanned yesterday April 11 2021 and sent to Connecticut!!!!! Just hope it arrives at the intended destination this year.

  9. I mailed a package to Uk January 12. The last tracking stated processed by Chicago ISC January 17. The package has not arrived in the Uk. No further updates. I’ve called week after week only to be told there is nothing I can do until USPS have finished their investigation which started February 3. It’s now May 12!!!

  10. ATTENTION!!! I’m looking for very important package CN748620625LT
    My 81 year mom’s health depends on it. !!! The last update was 19APR 2021.

    • I looked up your tracking number. You finally got it in June???????? WTF???? THATS CRAZY! YOU WROTE UR MESSAGE IN APRIL ON THE 19TH! WHEN IS SOMEONE GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS?????

  11. There is no excuse for our packages to sit in Chicago as long as they do im thinking of call 60 minutes and see if i cant get these people off their ass and up and working. Im now looking to find the Post Master General private number and give him a call. Amazon and Fed Ex and other companies will put the USPS out of work if they dont get their ass straight

    • if you get phone numbers or anything what can help me to get my mom’s package with her medical supplies, please(!!!!!)share with me.My mom’s health (and life) depends on this package!!!
      Sincerely- Edita

    • Mike,
      It’s likely not the fault of USPS, but of US Customs. Good luck getting them to get off their asses. They answer to nobody. ‍♀️

  12. I send packages to my son working in Hong Kong from my home in Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania.
    When they go through New York, they get there in the amount of time I paid for .
    But this is the second time the package went through Chicago and has disappeared.
    I got tracking updates ( once it landed in Chicago)that kept saying “ package is in transit to next facility “ with no further info through May 9..,.. tyen they stopped.
    I filled a “ missing “report ….. finally got a new message that my package had “ arrived in Chicago “ today again ???
    And then another generic message that said “ in transit to the next destination “….
    I mailed it express (6-10 day delivery) on May 2. It’s May 23.
    I first got to Chicago May 5!!!!
    What is going on?

  13. My package was sent by US seller to me (I live in France) on the April 5th, and the tracking show it was at Chicago few days later. And few days later, it was in Texas. Few weeks later, back to Chicago. One month later, arrived in…New Zealand. And absolutely impossible to join USPS. Clearly an abuse. I have actually three other packages transiting via Chicago and none arrived to me. Chicago USPS facilities are clearly ineffective and complete garbage.

  14. I have 3 packages arriving from Lithuania from orders I placed on May 9, 2021. 2 of them show they were processed through the Chicago facility, one on May 19, the other on May 20. Today is May 24 and there is no further information on those packages. I am worried because that particular customs processing unit has a bad reputation with many packages going missing. I wish they would do something to improve the situation there so customers can be assured they will receive their packages.

    • My was from Lithuania also
      Bin processed on .April 19th !!!
      In this package my mom’s medical supplies!!!!
      We still waiting with no hoe

    • I still waiting for my .package from Lithuania also! Wery important, with my mom’s medical supplies!!! Bin processed on April 19th!!!

      • Did you ever get your package? I sure hope so. Mine is sitting in Chicago since 10/15/21. I was wondering how long a person should wait to receive their pkg?

  15. My was from Lithuania also
    Bin processed on .April 19th !!!
    In this package my mom’s medical supplies!!!!
    We still waiting with no hope

  16. I sent time-sensitive registered mail from Taiwan to my bank in Wisconsin. It arrived at ISC Chicago on May 3rd., which is 27 days ago. There is no further record of it. I’m furious.

  17. Chicago il usps branch received my package may 5, 2021. It cleared customs same day. Has been arriving at that branch 5 times since. Never leaves there. Just arrives back at the same place. Completely broken system. Needs a heavy audit as to what is going on. Will no longer be using usps. Ups is same price and no headaches.

  18. So, I do understand from this side of the Atlantic that you send parcels to us Europeans by a cutter…. more than a month for a parcel… Is this the hi-tech of US? What will you then use against the russian navy? The USS Constitution..?

  19. I mailed my package from texas on April 23rd. It was held up in Chicago customs until June 1st. That is over 5 weeks and completely unacceptable by anyone’s standards. Very very unhappy.

  20. My parcel documents parcel is stuck in Chicago usps since 9th May 2021. I am very concerned as it might not reach the destination. Tried calling them but no response whatsoever. Not sure where To go from here. Very concerned and frustrated customers

  21. My package has been sitting at this facility since May 24 2021. It is now June 10 2021. How can anyone justify this? Just horrible , terrible and unforgivable “service”. It’s been sitting at this facility for longer than it took to travel from Europe. WTF?

  22. My package was shipped from Canada to the USA in MARCH 2021 and it is now JUNE 14th 2021 and it hasn’t moved since it got to Chicago. Deemed lost now.

  23. Package arrived 5/21/21 isc Chicago processed thru facility, inbound into customs and nothing since. It’s June 14 now and still inbound into customs? What is happening.

  24. 2 shipments from England a month apart and I get the dreaded “Your item has been processed through our facility in ISC CHICAGO IL (USPS) at 11:23 am on March 22, 2021.” 2nd package same thing but about 1 month later. It’s now June 14, 2021 and nothing has changed on either package. I understand a slow down but nearly 3 months later?
    I sent a package to Germany the end of Feb 2021, had it returned in May because USPS typed in address wrong and then resent it no cost when I showed them what to do. I don’t know which center this came through but the package arrived in Germany at the correct address in June. I guess it didn’t go through Chicago.
    Chicago should be shut down until an investigation can determine what the problem is. They should route everything through NY or other centers to ensure timely delivery.
    I can do nothing but wait.

  25. I ordered 100+ dollars worth of arrows from my favorite supplier in China, which have been in Chicago for almost three months now with no updates since. Pretty upset with their terrible fucking service, seems they’re doing this with everyone.

  26. After reading these posts I’m not really hopeful about getting my package anytime soon as it is now in Chicago and I’ve already been waiting three weeks for it to get through India! What the hell?

    • I concur, my package got to Chicago June 1st, no tracking since. My package took eight days from the day I ordered to get to the Chicago black hole, and 17 days later nothing. It is so annoying not knowing what is going on!

  27. Hi Margie, I am also waiting for a package from India, who for the most part, sick with Covid, managed to get my package to the USA within 3 days where it now sits with yours in Chicago.
    This has never happened to me, but I see it is a common occurrence, a disaster due to DeJoy, appointed by Trump a real disaster that never ends. No idea what to do … Just wait?

    • Did you ever receive your pkg? I’m still waiting for my mine that’s sitting in Chicago. It took a short time to get from India to Chicago. Wondering how long it will take to get here?

  28. My parcel that was posted for me on the 14th of May outbound to the EU, travelled about 150km or 92 miles in 3 weeks to Chicago where it is sitting since the 4th of June. Reading all these comments and elsewhere I just hope it ever escapes that hellhole and I didn’t throw away 600 euros.
    I will definitely avoid buying anything from the US from now on.

  29. I ordered this particular package on May 13th, 2021. The item then shipped on May 14th, 2021 (coming from China). Just a few weeks later, on May 29th, the package arrived at the fan-favorite Chicago ISC facility. Today is June 22nd, 2021and this package has not moved anywhere since. This location really needs to be investigated….

  30. I ordered two smaller items from China earlier this month. One of them I received in just a week. The second one however got stuck at ISC and has been there for a week without any updates. By reading all of your comments I am not too hopeful.. The most annoying thing is that I live no more than 20 minutes from this place so would like to knock on their door and see if I can find it lol..
    18 Jun 2021 16:48
    Processed Through Facility. Your item has been processed through our facility in ISC CHICAGO IL (USPS) at 4:48 pm on June 18, 2021.

  31. hey everybody it’s a scam 🙂 🙂 🙂 go visit the hub for yourself and see what theyre doing piling up inventory on purpose just like the nationwide coin shortage smh

  32. “Your item has been processed through our facility in ISC CHICAGO IL (USPS) at 1:36 am on May 19, 2021.”
    USPS-to-English translation: “Your item is mouldering in our facility. We will try to deliver it to you sometime before you die.”

  33. My item was shipped from India June 5th. Has been in Chicago ISC/Customs since June 12th…. It is now July 2nd…. I see that there are people on here waiting even longer. My item cost me over 200 bucks US…. The Indian company processed my money on June 2nd…. No problem ever with New York ISC….. Can anyone tell me if I’ll ever get my package ?

  34. As a small business we do not recommend using USPS. They are a failed government agency and incapable of performing their duties. Use FedEx or ups instead.

  35. A month and a half so far for me…. Item ordered from India and paid or June 5th…. with extra money spent on rapid delivery……received in Chicago June 12th….. It’s now July 21st…. There’s 200 bucks that might has well been used for kindling…. What are we supposed to do ??

  36. I’m a self-employed artist working in Ontario. Most of my buyers are in the States, and the back-up/slowness of this place is literally killing my business. I send out the prints with tracking and they get stuck at the centre for months. Rightly so, people are getting fed up and requesting refunds. I’m losing money on the cost of production, packaging/shipping and the cost of the print. I feel so frustrated. I don’t understand how such an important company can be so unorganized and careless.

  37. When will I receive my small package? Tracking number LY727627084CN ? It was processed through customs facility in Chicago Ill., May 2, 2021. What happen to it? Was it stolen?

  38. Second comment…..It is now August 6th for my “Express Delivery” that I paid an extra 20 bucks for on June 6th…languishing in Chicago since June 12th….. again 200 bucks pissed away…. I hated Chicago in general to begin with, but now my hatred grows…. It is not the USPS’s fault…. They have responded to me and said that Customs is the bottleneck…. I sent a complaint to Customs several days ago with no response…. The USPS has emailed me and even called me personally, and so here I sit…. I reordered after this snafu…the package went through NY ISC and I just received it from India in 3 weeks…. about normal based on previous orders dating back over 3 years…. Customs is probably too busy on the border intercepting millions of “migrants” thanks to idiodic political policies….. Maybe I should send a sack of dung to the White House….Oh wait…It might have to pass through Chicago and will be fossilized before the intended receiver gets it !!!

  39. I see LM159155654CA was delivered June 8th, and CN748620625LT was delivered June 29th, RI314412217BG was delivered on July 1st, and RV920898834GB was delivered on July 6th, and LY727627084CN still hung up in Customs. God saved the custom Lego character! 🙂
    What I would like to know, is how the rest of you faired, you only say they are thieves but then do not state you got your packages. I am very concerned about this because I have a package up there as of 6:01PM CST and decided to look up ISC and saw all of this scary stuff.
    BUT I would like to maintain you read what some others wrote: It’s not the USPS, it’s CUSTOMS!!! And yes, I am concerned about Customs playing the wait game when some of us have bought fairly expensive items. I am trying to plan my strategy should something go wrong and would love to hear the status of EVERY single person who has posted to this site.
    Thanks for your input if you provide it!

  40. Here’s one for you. I sent a box of personal items/purchased items from Milwaukee,WI to Reykjavik, Iceland. There are direct flights from Chicago. I sent it on March 17 and it arrived in mid- August. I’d have been thrilled with a month.

  41. Ugh now I know why my candy from Sticky in Australia is sooo delayed. It has been stuck in Chicago 17 days now! At least it is not perishable. I would love to see pics of inside the mail facility! There must be so many packages sitting around.

  42. I’m so worried I have 2 packages delayed at this facility, I just hope they arrive.. one of the things I ordered is completely sold out online, I can’t replace it even if I want to 🙁

  43. I would like to see a report on the number of packages that have gone “missing” after disappearing in CUSTOMS.
    I guess I’ll have to submit a request to the Postmaster General through the F.O.I.A.

  44. I’m wondering why something that is ordered from Australia and the destination is in California goes to the Chicago processing center?? Isn’t there an international USPS mail and customs facility in Los Angeles?? Doesn’t make sense.

  45. Help!!!! My parcel has not been tracked Tracking Number: EZ197714433US since then
    Your item arrived at our USPS warehouse at the CHICAGO, Illinois INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER on January 5, 2022 at 12:47 p.m.!!!! She’s gone!!!!

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