Ybor City FL Distribution Center

Ybor City FL Distribution Center US Location and Delays Detailed

When a shipment is sent through the United States Postal Service, it goes to various region distribution centers before reaching your home. Every region has a distribution center. A regional distribution center sends your parcel to another regional distribution center which is located closer to your location.


Ybor City FL Distribution center is one of the USPS centers all around the US. It is an International postal facility that is used to dispatch mail that is going and coming from countries that are foreign to America.

In the course of this article, we would be taking you through a guide on the Ybor City International Distribution center, its location, delays in dispatching mail, etc.

Processed Through Ybor International Distribution Center Meaning

This means that the international shipment is being processed through the facility, and has left the Ybor Distribution center. Most of the time, the message that you would see is “The item is currently in transit to the Destination.” This message implies that the internationally bound shipment is close to a nearby USPS facility and that soon, it would make its way to your local post office.

How long does a package Stay at Ybor International Distribution Center?

It is important to note that a shipment stays in the Ybor city distribution center for less than 24hours. The transport of packages from the Ybor city FL Distribution center to other centers is six days. After which they would be moved to other distribution centers.
The wait time for a package in the Ybor distribution center is 4 to 6 days, and that depends on some factors. Some of the contents include; the Container, the containment, the weather, etc.


There is a strong urgency for distribution centers to get rid of all their mail on a daily basis. That is why storing mail is very inefficient. Within the 4 to six days wait time, transport of shipment is scheduled several times to the local post offices.

Ybor City FL Distribution Center Delays Explained

Sometimes, your tracking status might stay the same for a long time. You might get the message “Package processed through Ybor City FL Distribution Center Tampa Bay, Florida.”

What is means is that the shipment is still in Tamper, most likely, in a truck that has not gone into transit. Or the shipment is stuck in another distribution center and has not been logged out yet. There is a high chance that something happened to the driver or the truck carrying your package. Sometimes, the reason can be interpersonal, or generic.

Most of the time, you can have your mail going through more than two distribution centers. With the aid of the USPS automated logistical system, the most direct and fastest way to get your mail is used to move it from one address to another.

Ybor City FL Distribution Center Location

As stated earlier, the Ybor City FL distribution center is one of the many distribution centers that is scattered across the United States of America. If you wish to locate a Ybor City Distribution center, you need to go to 2036 E Landstreet Rd, Orlando, Florida 32824.  The coordinates for these interesting USPS Ybor City Package processing and distribution centers are;
Latitude: 28.4347063977
Longitude: -81.3551052403


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  1. To save mail time Can I drop or mail my package direct at the PROCESSED THROUGH USPS FACILITY YBOR CITY FL DISTRIBUTION CENTE, 33605?

  2. I would like to a Phone # to the Ybor City FL Distribution Center, in Tampa.
    I was expecting a large Box with a Pressure Washer , it has been reported Delivered to my address.
    On 3/11/2023 on this day we were home. We watch a Grey van no name on it driving with the side door open go right passed us. I would like to know if the driver is NOT delivering or doing what is suppose too.

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