Yoriichi Vs Muzan, Who’s More Powerful And Who Will Win In Demon Slayer

In Demon Slayer, the most important fight is between Yoriichi and Muzan. In this comic, the most powerful demon is Muzan, while the most powerful demon slayer is Yoriichi.
According to the story, Yoriichi was not able to kill Muzan but was able to overpower him. According to the story, he was also able to find his weak points after very little time which allowed him to easily beat him and almost kill him. It is important to note that Muzan was eternally scarred by this battle, and went on to fear Yoriichi and those that used his techniques for the rest of his life.
Now that you have the shorter version of the answer, the remainder of the article is going to be dedicated to the strength comparisons between Yoriichi and Muzan. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.


Understanding The Powers Of Yoriichi

First off, it is important to note that Yoriichi is a major character in the Demon Slayer movie. The animation plots him as the legendary Demon Slayer during the Sengoku Era. He was born with the mark of the Demon Slayer, and has the physique of a god, alongside the talent of swordsmanship. Here is a breakdown of some of its abilities of Yoriichi.

Sun Breathing Power

This is a power that was developed by Yoriichi himself. In the course of the animation, Yoriichi made use of his sun breathing to defeat demons with ease. Also worth noting is that when Yoriichi performs the sun breathing, he takes on beautiful forms and looked more like a ghost than a human.

The Power Of Swordsmanship


Another interesting power that Yoriichi has is the power of Swordsmanship. The plot of the Demon Slayer animation sets Yoriichi as the greatest swordsman that ever lived. It is important to note that Yoriichi defeated a skilled swordsman the first time he laid his hands on a sword.

Understanding the Powers Of Muzan

In the Demon Slayer animation, Muzan is set out as the antagonist of Yorrichi. He is a demon, and being the first of his kind, he was responsible for the origin of other demons. Because Muzan is the first demon in the anime, his power surpasses anything seen before. The most interesting power of Muzan is Blood Demon Art.

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Blood Demon Art Power

It is important to note that the most important skill of Muzan is Blood Demon art. With this skill, Muzan can convert a human into a demon that will be under his control. Muzan uses blood demon art to manipulate his blood for different offensive purposes.

Between Yoriichi And Muzan Who Would Win?

The short answer is; Yoriichi will win. Imagine a battle where Yoriichi meets Muzan, the ancestor demon and sworn enemy of the slayers. Yoriichi can attack Muzan will his sword while using different breathing styles.
Because Yoriichi has the supernatural ability to see the transparent world, according to the anime plot, he saw that Muzan had seven hearts and five brains that can change position in his body.
With this sight Yoriichi combines all his forms into one attack and cut all the hearts of Muzan, overpowering him completely. Muzan in the battle failed to regenerate as he was struggling to keep his head tied.
It won’t be wrong to assert that with the abilities that Yoriichi possesses, he can kill the ancestor demon, Muzan.


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