What Episode Does Naruto Fight Pain

What Episode Does Naruto Fight Pain? All 7 Episodes Explained

Naruto is an interesting anime that has a large fandom. Most Naruto fans have unanswered questions that are related to their favorite characters in the anime. One of the most important questions that fans ask is ”what episode does naruto fight Pain.” Well if that is what you came to this post for, then you are in the right place. Without further ado, let us delve in.


When does Naruto fight Pain?

It is important to note that the fight between Naruto and Pain does not happen in one single episode, rather it takes up to seven continuous episodes. These episodes are located in the seventh season of the series. It starts from episode 163 and continues until 169, taking up over seven episodes.
When does Naruto fight Pain
The majority of the fight between Naruto and Pain takes place in the 166th episode, known as “Planetary Devastation.” It is important to note that Naruto emerged victorious at the end of episode 168. At the end of episode 168, Naruto destroyed all of Pain’s paths and then ventures outside Konoha to find the real body of Nagato in the 169th episode. After episode 169 there is two filler episodes that come afterward.

Who Is The Anime Character Known As Pain?


Pain in Naruto Anime
As the fight comes to an end, the truth starts to unveil about the character known as pain. Pain has a history with Jiraiya, war, and what went on for the character to survive.
First off, the real name of Pain is Yahiko. He is another body that is manipulated by Nagato from a distance. This is what Naruto finds out at the end of the fight against Pain. This revelation is one of the great mysteries that many had about one of the main characters Akatsuki.
For instance, Shikamaru Nara, after surviving the destruction of Konoha, met with the Yamanaka group whilst carrying Shizune’s body. Shikamaru jumped to the conclusion that Pain’s real body was in a place close to the village. The village would appear to be a place where he could send his chakra from his real body across a large enough distance to control the Six Paths with no difficulty.
As Pain was searching for world peace, his real body, Nagato emaciated and with several chakra blades coming out of his back, was shown in his and Konan’s hideout. This hideout was a makeshift tree that was located on High Mountain close to his village.

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Why Naruto Faught With Pain In The First Place

The fight between Pain and Naruto takes place midpoint of Pain’s invasion arc. Naruto then enters his village but fails to recognize his town. The reason for this was that Pain destroyed the village beyond recognition. Because of this, Naruto is sad and feels like teacher Kakashi is dead.
After Naruto witnesses the destruction, he gets angry and begins his fight with Pain. As stated earlier, the fight starts from episode 163 to episode 169. These episodes where he fought with Pain were originally aired in Japan from June 3rd till the 22nd of July 2010.


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