Cursed MHA Ships

10 Most Cursed MHA Ships List – A Look at My Hero Academia Manga

My Hero Academia is an anime that features a ton of interesting characters. A ship in a manga is a short and stylish way of saying “relationship”. In the My Hero Academia manga, a ship is a combo of two characters that have a romantic connection with each other. In a ship, both names of characters are combined. As there are nice romantic ships, there are also cringe ones.


Here are the 10 most Cursed MHA ships;

1. Overhaul x Eri

Overhaul x Eri manga

Toping our list is Overhaul x Eri which can be regarded as the most cringe ship in MHA. Overhaul is a character in the manga that was entrusted with taking care of Eri. Eri is the daughter of the Boss- The Leader of Shie Hassaikai. The ship is cursed and cringe because it is wrong to have a romantic connection with someone that is entrusted to you. The boss is the grandfather of Eri.

2. Deku x Eri

Deku x Eri - one of the most cursed mha ships

Another cringe and uncomfortable ship in MHA is the romantic combo of Deku and Eri. The best way to interpret this is borderline pedophilia. Deku is huge and big, while Eri is a small child. Deku, according to the manga, is 16 years old while Eri is just 7 years old.  Legally both of them cannot be together. If Eri was maybe 15 or 16, then both anime characters could be shippable.

3. Bakugou x Deku

Bakugou x Deku cursed mha ships

It is important to note that both manga characters have very contrasting personalities. In MHA bakugou is a hot-headed anime character with some anger problems. On the flip side, Deku is calm, and appears to be a likeable character. When Deku did not have a quirk, Bakugou used to bully him. If I was bullied by anyone, I wouldn’t be in a relationship with that person. This is why Bakugou and Deku are a cursed MHA ship.

4. Todoroki x Deku

Todoroki x Deku

The MHA ship of Todoroki and Deku is called Tododeku. This ship is not good because it does not have a friend-vibe. Although they are ready to defend each other, and step into action when someone threatens them, they don’t look romantic together.

5. Aizawa x Deku

Aizawa x Deku

Anyone that likes this ship in MHA needs help. The reason for this is that the person has pedophile instincts. Aizawa is a full adult, while Deku is just 16. It is not romantically okay. The Aizawa x Deku ship is a pure case of a big manga character being paired with a minor.

6. All Might x Midoriya

All Might x Midoriya

Another cursed MHA is All Might x Midoriya. Both manga characters are not supposed to be romantically paired. This is because Midoriya is a small boy, while All Might is a grown man.

7. Mineta x Todoroki

Mineta x Todoroki

In the MHA manga, these two characters were rarely seen talking to each other. Pairing them would not  make any sense. Not to mention, Mineta likes women, while Todoroki does not.

8. Eri x Midoriya

Eri x Midoriya


In our listicle, this is yet another disgusting and illegal MHA ship. It features Eri who is 7, and Midoriya who is 16. There is however, a 9 year gap between the two of them. Giving them a romantic twist or plot, is like wanting an adult to have something to do with an adult.

9. Dani x Jirou

Dani x Jirou mha

There are no sexual reasons for not wanting this two characters to be together. However, Dabi is portrayed in MHA as a villain, while Jirou is depicted as a hero. Also worth noting is that they are rarely shown together in the MHA manga.

10. Shigaraki x Midoriya

Shigaraki x Midoriya mha ships

This is another case of villain to hero relationship, which is practically impossible. Shigaraki and Midoriya are both incompatible, and are rarely seen together in the MHA manga.

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Other MHA Ships that are Worth Mentioning 

  • Mineta x males in general

Ok, can we stop shipping Mineta with boys? It’s clearly shown in canon that Mineta is straight since he only has an interest in girls. If he was gay or bi, then we would’ve seen him perv on guys too.

Honestly, a pet peeve of mine is watching videos where Mineta is shipped with some male OC, and very often they have the shitty excuse of “Mineta is actually gay but pretends to be straight by perving on girls”. It’s just all completely dumb to me. Why not just keep him in character and ship him with a female OC?

  • Hawks x Todoroki family

Ok… so I just wanna say real quick that if you ship Hawks with only one member of the Todoroki family (with the exception of Shoto because he’s still a minor), then that’s fine and dandy.

But shipping Hawks with the ENTIRE Todoroki family at once? Yeah, no, that is fucking weird in so many ways. Like, would you be willing to share the same romantic/sexual partner with your parents and sibling(s), if you have any?

I’ve ended up coming across two videos about this so yeah, this is actually real, unfortunately (and both videos by the way pretty much had Hawks flirt with/bang the whole family).


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