Manga Metaverse

Manga Metaverse – Everything You Need To Know

Metaverse is all about bringing a 3-dimensional or 2-dimensional experience and adding it with an internet experience. It is when you get connected to a visual world with the aid of connected glasses or connected headsets. Manga Metaverse is when you bring an anime experience and a 3D experience together in one piece. It is a next-generation tech that would be rendered by the next generation by virtual or augmented reality.


How Manga Art Industries Can Integrate With Metaverse

The manga art form is always adapting to new technologies and evolving with time. 3D artists can now create manga content; games and movies, that will be rendered in the metaverse. The metaverse is quite big, so 3D artists would be careful when creating new characters.

One of the projects that is set to integrate manga art with the metaverse is the Shinsekai project. This project integrates manga art into the metaverse with NFT.

Manga is a way of telling a story in the form of art. The Shinesekai project intends to bring an ecosystem for manga enthusiasts and connect with others on metaverse. The project would also bring the imaginations of creators and users together.

It is important to note that there are no current active projects of manga metaverse, just upcoming ones. Manga in metaverse is still seen as a technological possibility.

NFT And Metaverse Via Manga


One cool technological possibility is that manga creators can make their own NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) in the metaverse. The NFT owners would have their own identities and preserve the identity of their manga characters. Manga, NFTs, and metaverse are like the evolving avatar trend that took the NFT space by storm in 2021.

Manga art can be used to create NFTs that are on Ethereum, and integrate with Web3 wallets with a browser extension. This way, manga art creators can use their NFTs, in any application that allows a webcam, such as Google Meet, discord, and Zoom.

How Manga Art Would Help Bring NFT Into Metaverse

Manga art can be used to create NFTs that have programmed scarcity. Manga art can also be used in metaverse to represent ownership of virtual assets like in-metaverse items or plots of virtual lands. These virtual assets created with manga art can be traded, customized, or even monetized.

In a proposed NFT-powered metaverse, it is possible to own things like land, avatars, digital apparel, and migrate them across platforms with the aid of your crypto wallet. This would unlock economic opportunities for manga art creators. This crypto-powered metaverse will not only democratize the internet, but add value to manga users rather than platform operators.

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Art Gallery: Another Use Of Manga Art In Metaverse

Other than creating NFTs, manga art can be used in virtual reality to view art galleries. Virtual Reality is the best platform (short for physical building) for viewing art. In an art gallery that is hosted via VR, you get to see manga art up close with every detail and from every angle.

Museums can opt to place manga artwork in metaverses. That way, tourists and other users can enjoy manga art in VR.


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