Garm In God Of War

How To Defeat Garm In God Of War Ragnarok

In the twelfth chapter of God of War Ragnarok, indulging Garm in a boss fight can pack a punch. In the course of this article, we will take you through a practical guide on how to beat Garm in God of War Ragnarok. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.


First off, a GoW gamer has to bear in mind that the Boss Fight between Kratos and Garm has two phases. So in the course of subsequent paragraphs, we will be looking at a practical guide on how to beat Garm without any fuss in the two phases:

How To Defeat Garm In Phase One Of The Boss Fight

In the first phase, the summary of your indulgence with Garm is to deplete its health bar. This can be done by dodging some of its attacks. Below is a summary of the attacks of Garm and how a gamer can dodge them:

Bite– This kind of attack from Garm cannot be blocked. However you have to wait for Garm to launch at you, then roll to either your left or your right before it can bite you. This is the most common of all of Garm’s attacks.

Chain Strike– Another interesting attack from Garm is the chain strike. This is where Garm whips its chain at Kratos. This strike cannot be parried or blocked. Simply wait for the chain to get to you, then roll away from it in the last second.

Ice Shockwaves– In this attack type, this creature will stand on its hind legs and then pound its forelegs on the ground. This will send ice shockwaves in your direction. Unlike other Garm attacks, it can parry. However, the best thing to do is to run or roll to either side.


Ice Projectiles– As the health bar is nearing complete depletion, Garm will run away and climb on an ice platform in order to shoot ice projectiles at you. Since you are not close to Garm, you should dodge all the projectiles until it comes back to the ground to fight.

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The best time to hit Garm is during the bite attack. You have to be fast while doing it because Garm can be quite fast. Also throwing your spear at it, and making it explode can drastically reduce the health bar of Garm in Phase One of the boss fight.

How To Defeat Garm In Phase Two Of The Boss Fight

In this phase, Garm will use all the same powers that we elucidated above. After Phase One, the health of Garm will reach near zero. Frustratingly, Garm will regenerate its lost health, but this time your partner Atreus will tell you that he has a plan.

In Phase Two, deplete the health as you did in Phase One, by dodging attacks, stunning, or attacking Garm. The moment this creature is down, head towards the neck and press R3 on your controller. Now repeatedly press Circle in your controller to help Atreus climb the back of Garm. the moment Atreus stabs Garm with his knife and casts his Spell, Garm will calm down and then, the soul of Fenrir will be in it.

This is the best way to beat Garm without any fuss.


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