Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay

Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay in 2024? Full Details Here

One of the big-name dollar stores in the US is Dollar General. Given that they have a large customer base in the US, it will be fitting if they used Apple Pay, one of the biggest payment methods in the USA. If you continue to read this blog post, you will learn the answer to this question most Dollar General customers ask: “does dollar general take Apple Pay?”


Short Answer

The short answer is no, Dollar General does not accept Apple Pay as a means of payment. Worth noting is that back in July 2020, Dollar General tweeted that most of its stores had started accepting Apple Pay, then retracted the comment, insisting that they had no plans of using Apple Pay in their stores.

Knowing that Dollar General does not accept Apple Pay is one thing, then knowing what other payment methods they accept is another. Read on to learn other ways you can make payments at a Dollar General store.

Using DG GO To Make Payment At A Dollar General Store


DG GO is the personalized smartphone app that is used by Dollar General. This app can be used to scan to pay for items you purchase in-store. Worth noting is that not all the Dollar General stores in the US are equipped to use DG GO.

Here is a practical guide on how to use DG GO to make payments for your items at Dollar Store:

How  To Use DG GO To Pay For Items At Dollar Store

  • Head to Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Search for Dollar General’s in-store payment app with the following search strings: “DG GO”.
  • Sign up for an account with the DG GO app. Ensure to use your correct details in the signup process.
  • Add your payment card to the app, or your bank account
  • Log in to the app, use the App’s store locator and check whether your local Dollar General app supports DG GO payment. If it does not, you have to look for another nearby Dollar General store that supports DG GO.
  • After finding a Dollar General Store that accepts DG GO, go in and make your purchases. If there are digital coupons available save them to your app and use them in-store.
  • With the aid of the DG GO app, go through the store and scan product barcodes and add them to your basket or cart.
  • When you are done shopping at Dollar General, head to the dedicated DG GO checkout in front of the store. You will see a tablet. On the screen of the tablet, select; “I am ready to checkout”.
  • Now use your DG GO app and scan the barcode that appears on the checkout tablet. This will automatically process your paymennt, as you will be sent an electronic reciept.

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At a Dollar General store it is best to come out with Cash, or the DG GO app. Most popular payment apps in the US such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Paypal are not accepted for both online and in-store purchases. Even the DG GO payment app is not available at all Dollar Stores in the US.


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