Does little Caesars take Apple Pay

Does little Caesars take Apple Pay in 2023?

One of the big-name Pizza restaurants in the USA is Little Caesars. Given that they are popular, it is pertinent that they might accept widely used payment methods. In light of this, our blog post, will be answering a question that most Little Caesars customers ask: “does Little Caesars take Apple Pay?”


Short Answer

The short answer is yes! Little Caesars Pizza restaurants scattered all over the USA take Apple Pay as a means of payment. The Apple Pay payment method is accepted both offline and online with the Little Ceasers restaurant.

Knowing that the Little Ceasers Pizza restaurant takes Apple Pay as a form of payment, and knowing how to use it is another. Read on to learn how Apple Pay works with the Little Ceasers restaurant.


How To Use Apple Pay At Little Caesars Pizza Restaurant

Here are practical steps to follow in order to use Apple Pay at Little Caesars:

  • When you are done selecting the products that you want to buy, head to the checkout counter with your Apple device.
  • Open your Apple device and verify your identity with Touch ID or Face ID. The Apple device in question can either be your Apple Watch or your iPhone.
  • For your Apple Watch, double-tap the side button to launch the Apple Pay instance. While with your iPhone, you will have to press the Apple Pay logo on the home screen of your device.
  • Proceed to select the card that you will use to make online payments.
  • Using the NFC-enabled scanner, scan your purchases with the Little Ceasers contactless reader.
  • The card will then be debited when the payment goes through. On your Apple Watch, you will see a green check mark indicating the success of the transaction. While with the iPhone, you will get an on-screen notification.

Benefits of using Apple Pay At Little Caesars

Using Apple Pay at Little Caesars comes with a lot of benefits. Here are some of them:

  • You will get a 3% cashback when you use Apple Pay at Little Caesars.
  • The use of Apple Pay at Little Caesars gives you an extra layer of security. This layer of security is what ensures that third-party companies, including Little Caesars, cannot access your purchase data.
  • The use of Apple Pay at a Little Caesars Pizza restaurant saves you from the stress of heading there with cash, or a wallet.
  • Apple Pay is widely accepted in restaurants outside of Little Caesars.

Is there a Fee for using Apple Pay?

The short answer is no! You will not be charged any fees when you use any digital payment wallet, especially Apple Pay to make payments at Little Ceasers. It is important to note that the amount that usually appears on your credit or debit card is the same with the quoted price of pizzas. Also worth noting is that there is no limit to the transactions that you can carry out with Apple Pay at Little Ceasers.


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