Does Harris Teeter take Apple Pay

Does Harris Teeter take Apple Pay in 2023? Here’s a Short Answer

One of the biggest grocery store companies in the US is Harris Teeter. Given that they are a popular brand, most of its customers will be expecting them to use a popular payment gateway such as Apple Pay. In the course of this article, we will answer a question that most Harris Teeter customers always ask; “Does Harris Teeter take Apple Pay?” Without further mouthing, let us delve in.


Short Answer

The short answer is no, Harris Teeter does not accept Apple Pay at the time of publishing this blog post. In the past, they were known for accepting Apple Pay in their stores, but currently, they don’t. However, they still accept Apple Pay in their online grocery stores.

The Reason Why Harris Teeter Does Not Accept Apple Pay

The reason why Harris Teeter does not use Apple Pay in their stores is that they have its own alternative payment system. The system in question is Kroger Pay. Kroger Pay is a contactless and QR-based system of making payments at grocery stores that are owned by Kroger. In light of store ownership, Harris Teeter is a subsidiary of Kroger’s grocery brand.

All Payment Methods Accepted At Harris Teeter Grocery Stores

Other than the Kroger Pay payment method, Harris Teeter has a ton of payment methods that they accept. Here is a complete list of alternative means of payment accepted by Harris Teeter:

  • Debit or credit cards that are issued by American Express
  • Gift Cards are issued by Harris Teeter themselves.
  • Food stamps/ EBT Cards
  • WIC for women, infants and children
  • Cash
  • Conventional debit cards.

How To Use Kroger Pay  (Apple Pay Alternative) At Harris Teeter

Here is a practical guide on how to use Kroger Pay to process payments inside a Harris Teeter grocery store:

  • Head to Apple App Store and search out Kroger Pay.
  • Install the Kroger Pay app on your mobile device.
  • Launch the Kroger Pay app and sign up with your personal details on the app.
  • Add your payment card to the Kroger app. It is with this card that you will be able to make payments for your grocery items.
  • On the Kroger app, choose the Harris Teeter store location
  • Inside the Harris Teeter store, select what you wish to buy and head to the checkout lane.
  • Use the Kroger app to scan the contactless payment terminal.
  • You will receive an on-screen notification on the app that your payment was succesful.

Outside Harris Teeter Is Apple Pay A Widely Accepted Form Of Payment

Yes, Apple Pay outside Harris Teeter is a widely accepted form of payment. It is now used in over 2.5 million brick-and-mortar retail outlets in the US, thus accounting for 85% of all the merchants in the country.

Apple, however, is not accepted in 15% of retail stores in the US. this is because most of these stores are rolling out their own customized payment mobile apps.


Harris Teeter does not accept Apple Pay, according to a statement on their official Twitter account. If the Harris Teeter store in your locality does not accept Apple Pay, don’t feel shy to contact them, or suggest it to them by email outreach. Don’t forget to be polite in your request, because with more people asking for it, they might have a change of heart.


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