Why a Mobile App Isn’t Always Essential

Almost every sector of business is now dominated by online and, in particular, mobile. Thousands of purchases amounting to millions of dollars are made using smartphones and tablets every year, meaning most firms have already made the move to launch mobile apps. These can be downloaded to Android and iOS devices in seconds and allow the user to book appointments, buy tickets and even check up on the latest laws regarding online betting in California. No corner of the business world has escaped the impact of mobile pay.
The best businesses spend big on their mobile app, keeping them ahead of the competition and up to speed with the latest market trends. A user-friendly, reliable and stylish mobile app could prove the difference between success and failure in 2022. Profit and loss, firms only get one chance to make a good firm impression in the online market. Apps have become so popular in recent times that not having one has the potential to cost a company to lose business. But the best apps don’t come cheap, as any small business owner will know.
How do you bring your firm up to scratch, offering a reliable app that allows your customers to make purchases from anywhere on the planet? It’s essential for the major firms but is a mobile app essential for smaller companies? The truth is unless you are a power name in your field, an app isn’t as essential as you may think. In fact, there’s a way to get around having a smartphone app that will save you money and may even make your business more appealing to potential customers. Read on to find out more.

A mobile site does the job

For many who like to do their shopping, booking and even betting online, a mobile app is great. It can be downloaded to your smartphone in just a few clicks and, going forward. It’s always available. When paying or booking on your home computer, you must be at home, sitting at your desktop. That limits the time you can make purchases.
Many impulse buys are done on the move, so missing out on those is another fear for an e-commerce business. Today, everyone has become so used to getting what they want, where they want, when they want. A few clicks and your product will be on its way to you, a bet will be laid, or you can make a booking for a trip to the cinema later that evening.

Google Images Creative Commons Licenses

Google Images Creative Commons Licenses

Online shoppers love the convenience

A recent study of the sports gambling industry showed more bets are placed on mobile devices than desktop computers and land-based casinos combined. We all know the convenience and popularity of online shopping, everything from groceries to clothes.
So, surely it’s essential that your business moves with the times and invests in a mobile app that can cope with the demand of your customers. We certainly wouldn’t put anyone off ploughing cash into an app, if that’s what you want, but there’s a cheaper option and one that could even encourage customers to use your firm.
Apps are popular, well-used and heavily promoted, but they are not without their faults. There are many pros to using a mobile app but a few cons too and these aren’t as widely known as they probably should be. The main drawback to using an app is customers are required to download it to their device and keep it there for future use.
Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. If you, like millions of others, use a smartphone, the chances are you already have plenty of apps on there, and your storage will be stretched to the limit. Apps, videos, pictures of your dinner, selfies all drain your mobile’s battery and slow down the performance. Do you have room for yet another app in your life? Probably not.
Mobile site’s do the same job, allowing you to make secure purchases, check orders and place bets on a smartphone. A mobile optimised site is also much cheaper than an app. The great thing about is a site is you visit the firm’s URL, make your purchases or bookings, transfer the payments due and receive your goods. The best bit is when you have finished your transactions. You simply log off and close the page. Nothing to download, no storage space taken up and plenty more room for pics of your big night out.

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