Order Checks from Bank of America

How to Order Checks from Bank of America

Online and mobile banking options have become so popular that checks are no longer as common as they used to be. The important thing is that people still make use of checks, especially Bank of America customers. A lot of tenants in America pay their rents with the use of checks. In fact, there are some old folks that seriously prefer to write checks to pay their bills electronically.


For the majority that still make use of checks, they need to know how to order a check from the bank of America, so that they don’t run out of it. If you are interested in learning these simple steps on how to order checks in Bank of America, then read on.

Practical Steps to Order Check from Bank of America

It is important for you to know that ordering a bank of America check takes just a few minutes. And here is how:

  1. Go and log in to your bank of America online account with the aid of their website or mobile app.
  2. Then select the bank of America account type that you want to do any of the following;
  • If you want to order check from online banking, select the “order checks/ deposit slips” option.
  • And if you want to make use of a mobile app, then select “order checks and Deposit Tickets”.
  1. What would then happen afterward is that the customer would be taken to a page where they can access options on office desks products, accessories, and designs.
  2. The final step is to confirm your style and also your starting checking number, personal info, name, and address.

Is it possible for a bank of America Customer to get Checks on the Same Day of order?

If you are in need of your bank check the same day that you ordered it, then know that it won’t work. It is practically impossible for bank of America according to their customer service to issue counter or temporary checks on the same day. All the same, you can opt for expedited shipping in order to get your check faster.

What is the cost of ordering a bank of America check?

It is important for Bank of America customers to be well aware that the cost of getting a check depends on the style, the number of boxes, and where they get them. And also, it is not always necessary that you order your checks from your bank. There are some Check companies like Walmart and Bradford exchange that sell checks.


Also worth noting is that the cost is dependent on the type of bank of America account you want to order.

Alternative Ways to order Checks

If you do not find the check style of your choosing from Bank of America, you can go elsewhere to see if you would see a better deal. Here are tangible alternatives for getting a bank of America account order than your from your bank.

Costo Company: here, members of this company get special pricing on checks that they get from Harland Clarke with free standard delivery. As an executive Costo member, you would get a Blue safety check for $12.83.

Vistaprint checks: If you are the type of customer that barely makes use of checks, then Vistaprint is a good option as it offers small amounts of checks at a very cheap price than when you order a whole box. You can get 25 wallet checks for $4.

Walmart: Walmart gives smaller quantities of checks at a good price. If you subscribe to their service, you can get up to 150 blue checks for just $7.46.


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