Romantic Movies With A Unique Plot

5 Romantic Movies With A Unique Plot

Romantic movies are like a meandering river, with which we like to flow uncontrolled. Simply being unable to control our emotions and stooping down completely before our hearts is one of the glaring romantic traits.


Romantic movies are like some mirror that exposes the life full of shams we bear in our everyday life. But at the end of the day’s play, we all come to our bedroom, drenched and fatigued, and fall flat on our couch.

Finally, we can not bear the weight of the mask any further; we simply throw it away. Romantic movies help you out here. Is it time for you to keep all the daily stresses outside and simply relax and delve into a different reality? Searching for movies? Why don’t you download free movies from The Pirate Bay? In this movie, we are going to discuss five romantic movies with unique plots.

Five Romantic Movies With Unique Plot 

There are some romantic movies that bear their own signature. With interesting plots, they turn out to be different from others. In this section, let’s discuss five romantic movies with unique plots.

1. Her (2013)

Theodore was going through the last stage of his marriage. When her wife left him, he plunged into the darkness of desolation, didn’t he? Well, that’s what is normal.

When a person leaves his/her partner and room, there come two more dwellers, desolation and pain. It shares the room with them. But here comes the twist. Theodore chooses Samantha. No, she is not of flesh and blood but of some technological device.

The movie shows some complex human psychology.  Here a person falls in love with an inanimate object. The uniqueness of the plot has the power to stick audiences to its couch. According to Reddit users, it is one of the many recommended films for a relaxing movie night.

2. The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009)

Henry de Tamble, a Chicago librarian, suffers from a rare genetic disorder. This causes him to drift back and forth. He constantly moves from one place to another in her dreams and sojourns. That’s the addiction.

In one of her sojourns, he meets Claire. There they meet and marry. But the problem lies somewhere in the fundamentals. While he is in his sojourn, he completely drifts from one time and place to that another.


He continuously turns out of sync with his love. Though grotesque, the plot is amazingly different from the generic lover-based romantic movies.

3. Amélie (2001)

This is one of the highest-rated female-led romantic films. The film received some critical acclaim for the story. In this whimsical comedy, it is shown that Amile meets with people and pulls the string to arrange their lives for amusement.

She realized that helping people around her pushed her to fall in love every time and all the time. It might be a reminder of the fact that we all have our romantic selves. It is an aesthetically pleasing movie. In different phases of the movie, we see emotions running high.

4. The Big Sick (2017)

The movie explores the relationship between Kumail and Emily and their own way of knitting thread of life. In the movie, the family of Kumail, driven by tradition, is hellbent on giving an arranged marriage.

The relations of both Kumail and Emily struggle through ups and downs. Emily comes down to some mysterious illness, and it leaves her in a coma. By this time, Kumail really comes closer to Emile’s family.

The romantic movie raises some serious questions about the expectation in life. A must-see movie to understand the significance of life.

5. Only You (1994)

We have kept it at the end of the list. But the movie has such a plot that it remains on our list. Faith Corvatch believes that she belongs to a person, Damon Bradley, whom she has never met.

She believes in faith and destiny. She also believes they would be meeting sometime and with the expectation when moves to Europe to meet him simply driven by belief.


The films mentioned here are all highly interesting ones with unique plots. Each is different from one others. These movies are really different in their overall binding and movement of the plot. No matter why you will love them for sure.


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