Sugar Dating in TV Shows and Movies: How Close It Is to Real Life

Sugar Dating in TV Shows and Movies: How Close It Is to Real Life

Sugar dating looks like a dream come true to many people. Younger generations fantasize about finding someone older who’ll spoil them and help them prosper. Older people with more money than they can spend enjoy the company of curious young singles. However, TV shows and movies may give a wrong picture of sugar dating. In some cases, sugar babies are portrayed as overly-shallow. Sugar mummies and daddies are sometimes wrinkled and desperate for one more fling before the date with Grim Reaper. Most sugar relationships in real life aren’t like that. We’ll list the best-rated TV shows and movies related to sugar dating, but first, we’ll discuss its types.


Sugar Dating and its Types

When you mention sugar dating to an average person, the first thing in their mind is an old guy with a hot young chick. Relationships between sugar daddies and female babies are the most common, but other types are popular too. And it’s important to mention that not all sugar daddies are 80+. Some daddies (and mommies) are in their late 30s and early 40s. They’re in the prime of their lives but still want to find babies to share their success with them. Most men don’t think real sugar moms exist, but many guys are dating wealthy older ladies. Gay sugar dating isn’t rare either. It seems bigger among lesbians than male gays. Enough single women are looking for lesbian sugar dating that it brought a whole new niche into online dating. In the past, babies would have to attend classy events to get slim chances of meeting mommas. Nowadays, they log in to their local site to find lesbian sugar mama and connect with mature wealthy ladies. Those older ladies are there because they’re busy and can’t waste time on regular dating. They use video chat to meet a couple of potential babies over the screen before possibly changing their lives.

Sugar Relationships on Screen

There aren’t any sugar relationships in regular TV shows, and if there are, they’re a side story. Today we’ll list the best shows and movies about sugar dating. We’ll try not to spoil too much, tease you and maybe give some movie night ideas.

Shiva Baby (2020)

The list starts with an American-Canadian comedy-drama. A bisxxual Jewish student runs into her sugar daddy. Oh yes, he’s her college professor with a stunning successful wife. It’s wrong to call that a love triangle, but the relationships between characters in Shiva Baby are well portrayed and fun to watch. The movie got 7 awards out of 27 nominations.

Widows (2018)

It’s great to be the wife of someone successful. All your wishes come true. You can do whatever you want whenever you want. But what if that world suddenly vanishes? Would you be able to keep living? For women in the movie, Widows will show you that might not be as easy. Sometimes things aren’t as they seem, so those 4 strangers connect after realizing their dead husbands had huge debts.


Nippon konchûki (The Insect Woman) (1963)

This old Japanese drama is famous for its plot built around a poor girl doing everything to get herself a chance for a better life. Sugar dating is the core of the movie. But here, it’s better to call it surviving. Sachiko Hidari won the Silver Bear for Best Actress award for that role, and it was the first-ever Silver Bear any Japanese actress got.

Sugar Daddies (2014)

Imagine a list of sugar dating movies without the movie wait for it, Sugar Daddies. Four pretty girls think they discovered the gold mine when they start to hang out with old businessmen, and they’re living the dream until something terrible happens. Sugar babies turn into mystery solvers in this thriller from 2014.

Sxx, Lies & Rinsing Guys (2012)

This TV documentary shows the other side of sugar dating. It follows women who get whatever they want from random guys, and they aren’t even seeking wealthy sugar daddies. Average Joes can help them too because they’ve mastered the phenomenon known as Rinsing guys.

The Innocent Man (2012)

This Korean TV show follows the life of a guy who decides to sacrifice his freedom by confessing a crime he didn’t commit. Through 1 season (20 episodes), Kang Ma-Ru goes through much and has some character-shifting moments.

That ’70s Show (S6E18)

That ’70s Show is a hilarious sitcom featuring Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher among the rest. Although sugar dating isn’t too relevant for the show, it’s mentioned in one episode from the 6th season.
Sugar dating movies are more popular than TV shows, but you can find some of both on the list above. All are good for date movie nights or solo movie marathons during winter.


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