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How to Download and Play PlayStation Portable (PSP) Games on Android Devices

There are no doubts about it – PSP was blessed with some of the most successful video games ever. Many of them have been ported to other platforms as well. Whether it comes to modern games or old school classics, everyone can do with a bit of action. It could be the nostalgic feeling of an old game or perhaps the convenience of playing it on any platform.


Now, learning how to download and play PlayStation Portable (PSP) games on Android may seem like an impossible challenge. Indeed, it does require a bit of work, but the good news is you can now make it happen without too much hassle.

So, what are the steps required to bring back some good old memories on your phone or tablet?

Get an Emulator

Some games have been ported to other platforms, but most of these upgrades have avoided Android. At the same time, some games are simply not compatible. However, you can still make things work with an emulator. An emulator is basically a program – or better said, an application – that will replicate the PSP operating system on your Android.

There are quite a few emulator applications available on Android. Some of them are available in the actual official Play Store. Some others can be downloaded from third parties. No emulator is perfect, so it normally depends on what you want to play. If the emulator you get cannot support your favorite games or features some bugs, simply go for the next one and so on.

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Some emulators are available for free. Even the premium ones have a free version though. This is not like the old fashioned free trial. Instead, you will see some ads every now and then – if you can deal with them, there is no need to upgrade. Some other premium emulators also come with extra features, so you need to do your homework.

Get Some Games

Keep in mind that no emulator comes with games, unless they are free source – less likely to happen. Therefore, you will need to find and download PSP games yourself. You will have to find your own source for these files and the good news is there are quite a few portals out there providing access to the world’s most famous games – not to mention classic games.

While this is not a general rule, most emulators will require these game files in the ISO extension. You can find them archived too, meaning you will need to extract the files and look for the required file. There are a few ways to download games. First, you can simply download them on your mobile device. Second, you can download them on your computer or laptop before transferring them to the mobile device.

Again, there are no general rules about it, but most emulators require these files to be in certain directories – simply check out their descriptions or requirements. You will normally have to move the files in the emulator installation folder, yet some apps come with specific folders to keep the game files – double check upfront.


Bottom line, you do not have to be a genius to learn how to download and play PlayStation Portable (PSP) games on Android. Simply get an emulator that works with Android, and then find the games you like. There are lots of emulators out there and while some of them work with the most popular games on the market, some others are more specific to particular games.

Since no emulators come with actual game files, you will have to find and download the respective files yourself. The emulator will only simulate the PSP operating system to allow you to play the games.​


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