10 Best N64 Emulators for Android Phone in 2024

It’s no secret that the popularity of video games exponentially grows. If you look at the statistics, you will see that the number of players globally grew to around  2.7 billion. If you find this astonishing, know that you are not the only one! It means that nearly one-third of the world’s population enjoys playing video games. Of course, the pandemic had a lot to do with this growth. As we were all stuck in our homes, there was very little to do, but play games.   Besides the fact that they help us kill boredom, video games help us deal with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues the pandemic brought.


Now whereas, some people only recently discovered gaming, others remember Nintendo64 games.  Are you in that group? If you are, you surely loved playing some of the classics such as Super Mario 64, the Legend of Zelda, etc., right?

You remember, cartridges and consoles, too! It was simple back then, wasn’t it? Given that, it was not surprising that plenty of players were saddened when Nintendo discontinued the 64 consoles, in April 2002. However, developers found a solution for that and created N64 emulators which allow you to play each of these games like an Android game.

Before we list some of the Android game emulator options, we would like to say that some of these games aren’t just for fun. You heard it right! There are plenty of games that serve as apps to win real money, too. Let’s dive in to learn more about this type of Android game development.

Here are the 10 Best N64 Emulators for Android Devices

1. Classic Boy

Classic Boy n64 android emulator
One of the Android game best emulators you can find is called Classic Boy. It is also one of the best multi-system emulators. It supports platforms such as NES, NeoGeo,  GameBoy systems.

It works perfectly on each of them and includes features such as gesture controls, saves/load states, sensor support, and much more.  You can find it on Google Play Store for $3.99.

2. Mega N64

Mega N64
It is one of the most popular emulators for the Android game console. It uses the Mupen 64 open source emulator. The development team added some tweaks and improvements, so it is safe to say that this emulator offers you a unique and crazy experience.

Before using, you have to make sure that there is enough ROM and space on the SD card.  You can download Mega N64 free of charge from the Play Store.

3. Mupen64 Plus FZ

Mupen64 Plus FZ
As you can guess, this emulator for Android games also uses the Mupen 64 open source project.  It runs most games seamlessly. It also offers a plugin called Gilden 64 that enables you to enjoy games even if you have a phone with lower specifications. If you have a problem with a game, Mupen 64 plus FZ allows you to try other video plugins.

4. Awe N64


Awe N64
This emulator comes with a high-quality Nintendo 64 gaming experience and a plethora of cool features, such as good sound and graphics. When you play the game, you have the feeling that you are using the N64 console. It comes with Smart file search, which allows you to effortlessly find N64 Rom on the SD card on the phone.

5. Tendo64

When looking at Android game news, you are likely to come across a Tendo64 emulator. This version comes with plenty of innovations such as auto-hiding of touchscreen controls, texture packs, various bug fixes, etc.  One of the best features is support for multiplayer games.

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6. RetroArch

RetroArch n64 emulator
It is one of the best Android game emulators you can find online. It supports many different systems.  Many players find it to be pretty difficult to use. But once you get the hang of it, you will enjoy playing your favorite games. It also comes with plenty of interesting features such as auto-scan for save files, save/load option, load cheat codes to name a few.

7. Project 64

Project 64 emulator
Originally this was made as an emulator for Windows, and as of recently, it is being upgraded to be used on Android phones. It doesn’t come with games. However, you can play games that are available online or download Nintendo 64 games on your phone’s SD card.

8. Super N64

Super N64
This Android game emulator is super easy to use. It is very convenient for users and provides the real experience of playing N64 games. Although save state and external controls aren’t common anymore, this emulator brings everything in its package.

9. Pretendo N64 Emulator

Pretendo N64 Emulator
This is an emulator for Android games with the best graphics. You can use it on your Android phones and tablets, too. Although it is running perfectly well with most phones, users who have Sony might experience problems.  The issue with Sony phones is related to hardware, though, not the emulator.

10. Mupen 64 AE

Mupen 64 AE emulator for android
It May be coming last on our list but Mupen 64 AE is definitely one of the Best n64 Emulators for Android devices out there. One of the best things about this emulator is that it is pretty flexible when it comes to compatibility. It supports a wide variety of formats, including .zip files.  It is a popular emulator with a rating of 4.0 on the Google Play Store.


So, here we come to the end of the best N 64 emulators for Android games. Nintendo 64 undoubtedly had a special place in the hearts of many of us.  Well, no one can deny that it was a phenomenal machine that featured a plethora of excellent games.

But times have changed and people want new things. So Nintendo stopped manufacturing this console. Fortunately, those of us who are nostalgic can enjoy playing all those beloved games on our phones now. Meanwhile, here are the Best Nintendo DS Emulators for Windows PC.

Can you emulate N64 on phone?

Yes, you can actually emulate n64 on mobile phones such as android.


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