Apex Legends Tips And Tricks

10 Best Apex Legends Tips And Tricks 2024

If you do not read this blog post, you will not learn the best Apex Legends game-playing tips and tricks. Apex Legends is a game that has an ever-increasing fandom with stiffening competition. As a player that has a passion to win, you need the best tips and tricks, that will give you leverage over your Apex gameplay opponents.


1. Use The Arenas Mode To Practise Combat Engagements

If you wish to be a successful Apex gamer, you need to use the Arenas mode to practice enemy engagements. What you learn in the Arenas mode will help you when you enter your battle royale modes.

One interesting thing about the gameplay of the Arenas mode is that it pits two teams of 3 against each other in what looks like a smaller map in round-based engagements. In the Arenas mode, there is no form of third partying. That goes to say that no one can engage an enemy team that just ended a fight with another team.

Each round in the Arenas mode goes on until the last member in the squad is eliminated.

2. Learn Your Map Rotations

One interesting pro gaming tip in Apex Legends is to learn your map rotations. When you understand your map rotations, you will have a clue about how you and your team can control your enemies, in a battle royale. More interestingly, mastering your map rotations allows you to able to perform a tactical retreat without any fuss.

Also worth noting is that with a clear mastery of your map locations, you and your team can drop into an area that has plentiful loot.

3. Change The Default Controls To Suit Your Gaming Style

Your weapon in Apex Legends is as good as the person that is wielding it. One pro gamer tip in Apex Legends is to tweak the default controller, mouse, or keyboard settings to suit how you play.

Sometimes it is best you take on your enemy without having to worry about your keyboard combo for an attack, or in-game character movement. Your movement and use of weapons should feel precise, not floaty.

4. Learn To Communicate Effectively With Your Team Mates

The Apex Legends game has a ping system that was designed for gamers who cannot communicate verbally. It is important to note that verbal communication is a very consistent gaming practice in the Apex game. Do well to learn to reach out to your other Apex Legends players during gameplay.

Imagine being able to tell your teammates that the forward area is clear or that you have scouted other areas on the map during gameplay. Effective communication is a surefire way to warn of enemy activity in Apex Legends.

5. Learn To Loot Quickly

Indulging in quick looting helps a player to progress in the Apex Legends gameplay without any fuss. The reason why looting quickly is the best way to go about looting is that it is hard to gauge enemy positions, combat them and loot.

One fast looting skill that we wish to shed light on is Shield Swapping. If a gamer wants to enjoy longevity in the Apex Legends game, they need to learn this looting skill. In Shield Swapping, the gamer picks up any colored undamaged shield so that health points will be prevented from diminishing.


Sheild swapping is the act of picking up any colored undamaged shield that will protect your health points from diminishing. As long as you have full shields, regardless of color, your health won’t be affected.

6. Learn To Use The Abilities Of Your Game Characters

Whenever you choose an Apex Legend as your game character, they come with tactical, ultimate, and passive skills. Each game character varies a lot from the other. However, they can all help your team in the game. Playing the Apex Legend game without the abilities of the game character is a surefire way to lose. If you are using a Bloodhound, always use their scanning abilities to your advantage. If you are playing Wattson, exploit her electric fences.

Mastering how to use the abilities of your Apex Legend game characters will take your gameplay to another level.

7. Don’t Get Greedy While Looting

While you are indulging in your loots, it will be best if you don’t get too greedy. Wanting everything for your team has some downsides.

Most enemy teams have a good knockdown shield that resurrects them when without their teammates. You don’t have the luxury of time to take all the loots in the Apex Legends gameplay. However, this does not apply if you are in desperate need of loot. Always push for your next enemy rather than swim in the lavish loot that is available to your team.

8. Carry A Backpack That Can Accommodate A Large Inventory

It is important to note that the inventory size that is available to you depends on your backpack. Using a grey, blue and purple backpack will increase your game characters’ inventory size by two. Gold backpacks however offer a boost to reviving your teammates, increasing the health stats that they get up with. If your backpack is too small, your game character in Apex Legends will not be able to carry enough ammo.

9. Learn To Be Patient In Your Gameplay

Another interesting tip that will make you a successful Apex Legends gamer is patience. With patience, you and your team get to first of all survey your environment first before a combat engagement.

The sound of gunshots and explosions can be heard from long distances in the Apex Legends game. In light of this, being patient can help you and your team figure out where the shootout is, and make the best move to claim the spoils.

Most importantly, having patience informs you that other teams have the same idea as you.

10. Learn To Make Good Landing And Position Your Team In An Advantageous Way

Landing and positioning your team properly allows you to enjoy successful Apex Legends gameplay.

The good-landing-factor is most important when your team is dropping off in a hot zone.

One quick pro tip is to land and move away faster than other teams. Do not overlook the need for good positioning, as it can give you an advantage over your enemies.


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