Does Meijer Take Apple Pay

Does Meijer Take Apple Pay in 2024? Everything Explained

Have you ever been faced with the challenge of fishing through your wallet at a Meijer shop? That would not be the case if they accepted Apple Pay, wouldn’t it? If you do not read this blog post, you will not be able to answer the darn easy question: does Meijer take Apple Pay in 2023?


Short Answer

Yes, Meijer accepts Apple Pay as a form of payment across their stores. Also worth noting is that Meijer in some of their gas stations, especially Meijer 24-hour gas stations accept Apple Pay. In a bid to use Apple pay at Meijer effectively, you will need an Apple NFC-enabled device.

Read on to get a more detailed guide on how to use Apple Pay in any Meijer store.

Guide On How To Use Apple Pay On Meijer

One of the safest ways to make payments for your purchases on Meijer is with Apple Pay. You can use this Apple Pay on your iPhone,  iPad or Apple Watch.

All that the Meijer customer needs to do is to open their Apple wallet on their device, select their debit or credit card, and make the payment. You might be new to the use of Apple Pay. If you are, follow the below-elucidated steps to start using Apple Pay at Meijer:

Confirm The Compatibility Of Your Device

Before you add your card to Apple Pay, the first practical step to take is to confirm that your device is compatible. After confirmation, set up the app on the official website of Apple.


Launch The Apple Pay App

After downloading the Apple Pay app from the Apple store, proceed to launch it. You can open the wallet by selecting the “+” symbol. That said, the symbol is in the upper right corner of your device’s user interface.

Add Your Payment Card

It is at this point that you will add your Meijer Mastercard. This step is very easy because what is required of you is to scan your Mastercard on your device’s camera, then follow the next prompts.

Make Your Secure Payment

The last interesting step involves using your Meijer Mastercard to make payments with your smartphone. Kindly open your Apple Pay app, and scan your phone on the self-checkout machine.

Things You Stand To Gain By Using Apple Pay On Meijer

There are benefits that you stand to accrue when you use Apple Pay in any Meijer store.

Here is a list of these benefits:

  • Using Apple Pay to make payments at Meijer is fast and seamless.
  • Instead of using debit cards or credit cards independently, the use of Apple Pay is a much safer option.
  • Apple Pay does not access your payment data. There is a lot of privacy that comes with the use of Apple Pay in Meijer stores.
  • There is no need to carry around cash, wallets, purses, or cards when you have Apple Pay as a payment option on Meijer.


One surefire option for making payments on Meijer is Apple Pay. This blog post did justice to covering the basic guide on how to use Apple Pay on Meijer.  Other payment methods include; Gift cards from Meijer, debit or credit cards, personal checks, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.


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