Crucial Tips For Advanced Players

Apex Legends: 5 Crucial Tips For Advanced Players

Apex Legends has offered something new to a somewhat stale FPS gaming segment. Sure, there are many excellent offerings available in the market, including from the legacy shooter games franchises. However, Apex Legends adds a fun element to what many still consider to be a tactical shooting genre. As a result of this, this game has broken all kinds of records and is at the top of its genre. And now, with the next season just released, it is time for players to brush up their skills and learn advanced tips that will give them that edge over their opponents. Use these advanced tips with the best Apex hacks and dominate the leaderboard.


Swap armor

There is no doubt that armors are pretty useful in a fast-paced game like Apex Legends. Regardless of how skilled a player is in evasive maneuvers, there is no way they can survive an onslaught from more than one opponent. But a common mistake that made players make in their game is not keeping a keen eye on their armor. Your armor is not invisible and will become redundant sooner or later. In fact, it will likely happen after your first combat (unless you have gold armor). So, it would be best to don a new armor immediately, but where would you get one? The answer – from the downed player.

Yes, you will get a restored full-body shield that you can immediately swap for your damaged one. However, do not be careless when you do so, as it is very likely that other players are simply waiting for you to drop your guard and then pounce on you.

Balloon Surveillance is a thing.

While Jump towers help players escape the ring, they can also obviously give up one’s position just as quickly, and you obviously would not want that. However, there is another way you can take advantage of the jump tower, and that is by using it as a means of surveillance.

What you need to do is simply launch yourself straight up the tower and reach the balloon. It will enable you to review the landscape and get a clear picture of the battlefield. Now, you can chart the next course of action without worrying about an ambush, though you should still expect one at every corner.

Be smart while using your weapon.

If you are using an automatic, this tip is especially useful for you as you would never know when you’ll exhaust your whole magazine. Being in the middle of combat with no ammo, seriously, what could be more disastrous than that? Do not empty your magazine when you find an enemy popping out from their cover; it could easily be their strategy to leave you vulnerable.


Doing so is actually not helpful from the aiming point of view as well. If you have missed your first couple of shots in spray fire, you will likely continue to miss the next ones as well. Be smart and reposition yourself before taking another shot.

Use Portals

Naturally, you cannot stay in one position, leaving yourself as a sitting duck when enemy teams discover your location. In fact, you should expect your position to be compromised after a few minutes. It would be simple for the enemy team to simply trap you at a building. You can play as a Wrath and get out of such tricky situations.

Playing as a Wrath can have multiple benefits for the player, but the chief among them is its ability to phase using portals. It is advantageous while crossing a dangerous terrain, preventing the whole squad from being downed in sniper fire. This ability is also useful when the player has to portal their teammates to safety and healing. Simply take the downed player through the portal to a safe place and nurse them back to health before returning to the battlefield.


It would be impossible for one not to use ziplines in Apex Legends; they are simply an unmissable item. Not only do they allow one to traverse a great distance, but doing so quickly and relatively safely. However, it does not mean you will be entirely safe throughout your ride. Now, you have to be smart while using the zipline, especially after being spotted by enemies. Don’t just go in one direction; turn around and hop to go backward. Repeat this throughout the ride; you might even get to the other end safely.

Apex Legends can be a challenge for even experienced players, but if you follow the above-listed advanced tips, you will soon dominate the field.


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