GoW Ragnarok Best Shields

GoW Ragnarok 5 Best Shields To Use; 2023 Picks

The basic job of a shield in the God Of War gameplay is to block an attack. However, the five different shields in God of War Ragnarok bring different things to the table. In the course of this article, we will be looking at the best God of War shields to use. Without further ado, let us delve in.


1. Stone Wall Shield

If you are caught up in some difficult playthroughs in God of War Ragnarok, it will be best to use the Stone Wall Shield. In the GoW gameplay, there are at least 4 types of attack that can be used against your game character. For a start, there are the regular attacks, then the yellow attacks, followed by red, and blue attacks. The regular attacks can be blocked with ease, while the yellow ones have the capacity to break your defence for a short time. Coming to the red attacks, they cannot be blocked by your game character, no matter the effort you put into dodging them. Finally, the blue attack needs a shield to block the attack, and this is where the Stone Wall Shield comes in.

The Stone Wall Shield can be argued to be the best shield to use in GoW Ragnarok.  It has the capacity to absorb two yellow attacks in quick succession before your game character is stunned. Also worth noting is that the Stone Wall Shield has the capacity to store damage in four bars.

2. Dauntless Shield

The Dauntless Shield can be considered the second-best shield to use in GoW Ragnarok. This shield is different from the Stone Wall Shield, in that it gives the gamer more attacking options. For instance, with the Stone Wall shield, when you absorb a yellow attack, the gamer will have to press R1 or R2 in order to perform a counter-stun attack. This case scenario is different from the Dauntless Shield. With the dauntless shield, the counter-stun attack happens almost automatically.

This second-best shield allows GoW Ragnarok gamers to focus on their next moves without getting to think about a parry attack.

Amongst the five shields in the GoW Ragnarok game, the Dauntless Shield feels more like a weapon than a shield. It can be used by sound gamers that are good at parry timing to dish out lots of stun meters. if you wish to get a Dauntless Shield for yourself, simply head to the blacksmith shop to purchase it.


3. Guardian Shield

This is a shield that does not focus on either attack or defence. It is meant for GoW gamers that have a mentality of balance. Unlike other shields featured in God of War Ragnarok, the Guardian Shield does not provide any additional stat buffs.

However, one interesting thing that the Guardian shield brings to the table is that it can be used to break the enemy’s guard. All the player needs to do is tap L1 twice. That this shield does not focus on attack or defence, does not mean that it cannot be used for attack. With the Guardian punch, you can dish out a shield punch and a ground punch. Imagine being able to break the attack combos of your enemy characters in GoW Ragnarok.

4. Onslaught Shield

Kratos your game character will benefit immensely from the Onslaught Shield. Your game character is bound to enjoy a lot of mobility in the form of a shield bash. When you use this shield and double tap L1 in your game controller, you will charge toward your enemies to do a shield bash. This will also allow you to parry any attacks that will come your way automatically. This shield does not bring much to the table for Kratos, which is why we ranked it 4th in our listicle.

5. Shatter Shield

The last shield in our listicle is the Shatter shield. It can be used by Kratos for charging up and for mobility. Worth noting is that the shield bash of the Shatter Shield is quite fast. When you use the Shatter Shield for blocks, you will gather up some kinetic energy.

The downside is that this is all you can get from the Shatter Shield. It does not bring much to the table. Even if you wish to indulge in this shield for speed-related reasons, you will come to terms with the fact that the speed is rarely impactful.


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