Does Aldi take credit cards

Does Aldi take Credit Cards in 2024? Complete Explanation

Aldi is one of the big-name brand grocery stores in the US. They have well over 1700 stores scattered across states in the US. Their large customer base in the US will warrant users of a popular payment method such as credit cards to wonder whether or not credit cards are accepted at Aldi. This is what we intend to cover in this blog post. If you want to get the answer to a question such as: “does Aldi take credit cards in 2024”, kindly read on.


Short Answer 

The short answer is Yes! Aldi stores that are scattered across the US accept credit cards as a payment method. This grocery store chain accepts Visa, American Express, Discover, and Mastercard credit cards.

Knowing that Aldi grocery stores take credit cards is one thing, understanding the intricacies of the usage is another thing. Read on as we shed more light on the use of credit cards at Aldi stores. Most credit cards have perks for their usage such as cashback and other bonuses. For instance, some Discover credit cards can be used to get cashback deals for Aldi purchases.

Does Aldi Stores Charge A Fee For Using Credit Cards?

The short answer is no. They will not charge you a dime for using credit cards at their stores. It is common practice for Grocery store retailers to pass the fees attached to accepting credit cards to the customer. However, this is not the case with Aldi grocery chain. Their business mantra resonates around “passing on all the savings.” This implies that while using your credit card to make purchases at Aldi if you ever come across a fee, do well to contact your credit card company.

Do Aldi Stores Charge A Fee For Using Credit Cards

Is It Possible To Use A Tap-and-Go Credit Card AT An Aldi Store?

The short answer is yes. It is very much possible to use tap-and-go credit cards at Aldi grocery stores. Here’s why: there is an NFC POS terminal in every Aldi store.


NFC which stands for  “near field communication”, is a payment gateway technology that allows brands to accept payment with NFC-enabled devices.

In an Aldi store, here is how it works:

  • You take your cart to the cashier.
  • The cashier pulls up your total
  • You pull out your Tap-and-Go credit card and hold it over the POS terminal where the NFC symbol is. (the NFC symbol looks like parentheticals that are facing the same direction:)))) ).
  • The card reader will detect the card and you will be deducted.

Can You Use Google Pay And Apple Pay At Aldi Stores?

In the most simplistic of terms, Google Pay and Apple Pay can be used at Aldi if credit cards were linked to the apps mentioned above.

Most of the time, it is commonplace to forget your credit cards at home. If it is linked with your Google Pay and Apple Pay, it can be used.

To use Google Pay and Apple Pay, head to the counter of the Aldi store, and use your app to make a payment. Launch the Apple Pay or Google Pay app, scan the app over the NFC symbol and wait for the payment to go through.


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