Does Walmart Take Apple Pay

Does Walmart Take Apple Pay? Find out Everything Here

Walmart is the go-to grocery store for a great deal of USA shoppers. If you do not read this blog post, you will not learn the answer to the question most Walmart customers ask: “does Walmart take Apple Pay?”. In the course of this article, we will be answering this question, and also providing a practical guide on how to make payments on Walmart.


Short Answer

The short answer is ‘NO’, Walmart does not take Apple Pay payments in 2022. There might be a change in this progression in the future, but they currently do not.

Keep on reading in order to see the alternative of Apple Pay for making payments on Walmart.

This is Why Walmart Does Not Accept Apple Pay

Walmart is one of the big name brands in America that is saddled with its own payment gateway. This payment gateway is Walmart Pay. Walmart does not support Apple Pay because the company that gives them fintech services is in direct competition with Apple.

The company in question, which Walmart have a partnership with is Merchant Customer Exchange or MCX. This brand that is in partnership with Walmart only takes payment solutions that use QR codes called CurrentC.

MXC is not only in competition with Apple Pay, they are also in competition with Samsung Pay and Google Pay.


Another exciting reason why Walmart does not use Apple Pay is that Apple Pay does not capture user data. Walmart depends on user purchase data for marketing purposes. Apple Pay due to its internal policies can capture user purchase data.

How To Use Walmart Pay To Make Purchases At Walmart

Since Walmart does not take Apple Pay payments, the next viable option will be to use Walmart Pay to make payments. Here is a practical guide on how to go about it.

  • Head to Apple Store and download the Walmart Pay app. You can use this link to download it for wireless in-store payments.
  • The next practical step involves signing up for a free account with your personal and accurate details.
  • Follow the in-app prompts to link your debit and credit cards with the Walmart Pay app.
  • Inside the Walmart store, take your items in the cart to the self-checkout aisle.
  • Bring out your Walmart Pay app, and scan the QR code when the final total comes out.
  • When the QR code is scanned, you will automatically be debited with the card linked with your Walmart Pay account.
  • Just as it is with Apple Pay, the payment for your groceries will go through with immediate effect.
  • You will get a digital receipt within the Walmart Pay app for your successful payment.

In addition, a Walmart customer can also use the Walmart Pay functionality inside the official general-purpose Walmart app.

Is It Possible For Walmart To Ever Use Apple Pay?

As cited by a spokesman from Walmart, there are no future plans that they will ever use Apple Pay.

In fact, recently, the Walmart Pay functionality has been built into the Walmart app right on your iPhone. This reduces the need for Apple Pay and its associated fees.


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