How to transfer money from Chase Credit card to bank Account

How to transfer money from Chase Credit card to bank Account in 5 Steps

Most of the time, when you could be stranded and be in dire need for cash. This cash might be important for paying bills or making important expenses. If you have tried to get funds from your chase bank account and failed, where are here with a helpful guide.


Maybe you want to trying borrowing money or trying sourcing cash from other sources. Or maybe, you want to just transfer money from your credit card to your chase bank account.

In the course of this article, we would cover a practical guide on how to transfer money from your chase credit card to your bank account.
Without further mouthing, let us delve in.

5 Steps to transfer money from Chase Credit card to bank Account

Steps to transfer money from Chase Credit card

Step 1

Go through the correspondence from your credit card company, which in this case, is chase. Then check to see if chase is offering any promotions. Most of the time, the Chase credit company might send mails that contain a check with your name on it. Sometimes, it can come with zero percent annual percentage rates if peradventure you cash the check within a particular time frame.

You would need to fill the amount you want from your chase credit on the check and then proceed to transfer it to your bank account.

Step 2

Carefully study the terms and conditions of the credit offer from Chase. Most of them last for six months while the others last for a duration of a year. It is important to note that those that last for a year, have a higher interest rate.

Step 3

Now take the check and then proceed to deposit it into your chase account.  This would take some days to be finally processed. This would allow the check to clear before taking the money out from your chase account.

Step 4

If Chase bank is not offering any credit promotions, then it would be best you obtain a cash advance. The Chase credit offer would include a PIN (personal identity number). The moment you have your PIN in hand, go find an ATM machine and insert your credit card.

Then proceed to input the PIN and the finds that you need.

It is important to note that there are lots of high interest rates that are associated with cash advances from most credit companies.


Sometimes, the interest rate can be as high as 20 percent. Getting a cash advance should be your last resort, should things go hay-wire.

Step 5

Get a plan to pay back the credit funds from chase that you transferred to your bank account. Getting the funds from chase credit card is the easy part, but paying back is sometimes tough. The moment you have the money, map out an actionable plan on how you would pay back the money.

Three practical ways to transfer money from any credit card to your bank account

The three methods we are about to elucidate are for chase bank customers that want to get a cash advance from their credit card. This cash advance comes with a very high interest as stated earlier. Without further mouthing, let us delve in:

Direct Transfer

Direct transfer is a procedure that involves transferring funds directly from your credit card into your U.S checking account. For instance, the chase bank allows customers to perform this process completely online.

There are also other credit issuers that do not have the option for direct transfer.


A lot of banks and credit unions allow their customers to take their money from gotten from a cash advance with an ATM. It is important to note that the chase bank has the option for using an ATM to transfer money from a credit card to the chase bank account.

In this case, the credit card has a PIN for security reasons. If you need this money to be transferred to your chase checking account, then you can make a deposit with the aid of an ATM.

In person

You can take out your cash advance from chase bank in any of their branches in the USA. If the customer should follow this route, they can then deposit the money into the checking account.

Convenience Checks

A convenience check is a check that is given to customers by their credit card issuers. With the aid of these convenience checks, you can deposit money into your chase account or pay for something just as you would if you had a personal check.

Convenience checks mostly work like traditional checks except that the money in this case comes from the chase credit card.

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