How to Delete a Transaction on Venmo

In the course of this article, we will be looking at a guide on how to delete a transaction on the Venmo app.


Venmo is a popular payment gateway that allows its customers to request and receive money from their friends. It is an app that integrates a social approach to making payments. However, Venmo customers face a lot of challenges with the payment app. One such scenario is when you make a payment to an unauthorized business profile, and you did not identify the payment, thus losing the money.

This is How To Delete A Transaction On The Venmo App

  • Login to the Venmo app or website
  • Look for what appears to be a hamburger icon.
  • Then visit the settings page where you will find the “Default privacy settings options”
  • On the “Default privacy settings page”, tap on “Past transactions”
  • Afterward, click on “change all to private.”
  • Go back to the transactions page that is at the bottom of the screen.
  • In order to delete a transaction on the Venmo app, swipe left on the transaction that you wish to delete, then tap “Delete.”

There you go, with the steps elucidated above, you can practically delete any transaction that you wish to delete without any fuss.

The Safest Way To Use Venmo To Make Transactions

Some assertions infer that the safest way to use Venmo is to not use it. However, we beg to differ. Venmo is a safe digital wallet that you can use to make transactions without any hassle. The safest way to use Venmo app is to not share your payment details or transaction details with anyone.

If you want to share payment details via a screenshot, some numbers that represent the transaction ID’s should be blurred. This is because hackers take advantage and access your account.

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What Are The Transaction Limits Of The Venmo App?


With this peer-to-peer transaction app, you can transfer money from one user to another. However, it is important for a user to note that transactions performed on the Venmo app have their set limits. For instance, on the Venmo app, you can withdraw $300 per day in total.

Are Your Venmo Transactions Public?

It is important to note that your Venmo transactions can be public. However, they do not need to be. The Venmo payment platform has three different privacy settings you can choose which setting you want. With every purchase and transaction, you can change your settings.

Here is an overview of the three privacy settings of the Venmo app:

Public Setting: With this setting, your Venmo transaction will be shared on the Venmo public fee and any person on the internet will be able to view it.

Friends only: This is a transaction type that can only be shared with your Venmo friends.

Private Only Setting: With this setting, Venmo cannot share your transaction in any place other than your private feeds. The only other place that they can share your transaction is on the feed of the other person in the payment.


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