How to See Pending Deposits in Bank of America

How to See Pending Deposits in Bank of America

Most of the time bank customers anticipate the deposits they make to reflect once they complete the transaction. This is not usually the case. They are times where the deposits made in the bank of America would be pending. Now, let’s guide you through how to check pending direct deposits in bank of America.


This article is dedicated to helping bank of America customers deal with challenges that they would face in pending deposits that they see. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.

The deposits are usually there, but most customers believe that it should show in the order that the transaction was made in the bank of America.

The deposits are actually reflected at the bottom after all the debits of the customer is shown. If the bank of America customer does not see it there, they should verify by calling.

If the deposit made in the bank of America exceeds more than two business days, the customer would need to call the banks hotline to make some inquiries.


It is important for the bank customer to note that direct deposits are made available to the recipient account as of 5 pm pacific time on the paycheck date.

If peradventure, the transaction was done online, the deposit would reflect, whether the funds are available or not. The deposit into the account can be listed with zero availability until the check is cleared. If you go to the bank to make inquiries and the issue persists, then you must have transferred money to another account.

At what time does the Bank of America process direct deposits?

The truth is that the direct deposit of the bank of America does not take time to reflect. But there are times where there is some significant delay. This might be due to some network issues or technical problems faced by the bank of America. This might cause the money that was deposited directly to delay. All the same, it takes a minimum of 24 hours for the issue to be resolved.

Here is a practical example of how a direct deposit issue usually occurs:

On a Wednesday morning, the payroll processor finalizes the amount to be deposited and then sends it to the payroll software. This would now tell the bank to plan to send money to your accounts.

Then, on the next banking day, your bank which in this case is the bank of America would start to send during the period of their batch processing. This time frame for most banks is within 2 to 6 AM. The serial number of the bank of America customer would be attached to the account number. This is the way that the bank would know where to put the money of the bank of America customer.

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Then, on Friday morning, the bank would go through the batch processing again and the bank customer would receive the credit alert of the direct deposit.  The bank of America customers should expect the direct deposit on their account no later than 8 AM on the working day of the bank. And this is regardless of the day the paycheck was paid out.


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