Order a New Debit Card from Wells Fargo

How to Order a New Debit Card from Wells Fargo Bank

If you are in a situation where you lost or have a damaged wells Fargo debit card, then this article is for you. In the course of this write-up, we would be looking at how to order a new wells Fargo debit card.
Having a lost or stolen wells Fargo debit card might not be the only reason to request a new one. There are loads of other reasons why you might want a new one for yourself.  In some cases, the debit card users might suspect some fraudulent charges, or might even want to have it expedited.


Guide on How to Order New Debit card from Wells Fargo

There are three possible ways for a user to get a new wells Fargo card.

  • A user can get new wells Fargo debit card by calling their customer service line (1 (800) 869-3557) and asking for a new card from a representative.
  • A user can also go to a wells Fargo bank and ask for a replacement debit card in person
  • They can also make use of the wells Fargo bank app to order for a new debit card.

If you find out that there were fraudulent charges made in your account, then write down the amount, the dates and the name of the merchants. Afterward, the next step to take would be to go to the bank or contact them via their hotlines to freeze the wells Fargo debit card.  The best way to go about this without any fuss is to follow the instruction that is elucidated below;

  • Visit the wells Fargo home page or go to the wells Fargo mobile app
  • Login to your wells Fargo account.
  • If you are a wells Fargo user that has multiple accounts, then locate the particular account that is in sync with your lost or stolen debit card.
  • There would be a “…” icon that would reflect on the page, after clicking on it, the more services menu would appear in the interface.
  • You would then see an option to “turn card on or off”.

This is how to go about freezing a wells Fargo debit card on your own. Since we have dealt with that, let us look into how a user can get a new wells Fargo debit card.

How Long does it take to get a New Debit Card from Wells Fargo?

If the order for a new debit card is placed, they would be bound to receive a new one within 5 to 7 working days.  It is important to note that the user does not need to pay a fee for the replacement of debit card. At the cost of $16, a wells Fargo bank customer can request that they expedite the process. In this case, the bank customer would now get the card within business days.


If there are any additional queries, the wells Fargo customer can go through their customer service, help desk, email or chat options in their online platform.

The first step that wells Fargo debit card user needs to make is to check to see if there is any fraudulent activity going on with the account.

Are there Debit cards with fewer fees?

One of the cons to using wells Fargo card is that they do charge monthly fees. And it is important to note that these monthly fees can sometimes add up if the bank customer is not careful enough.
There are other banks that offer debits cards, where the customers would not need to pay any monthly fees.

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What are contactless Wells Fargo Debit cards?

Wells Fargo contactless debit cards are cards that can be used to speed up a checkout process on a wells Fargo ATM. This can be done by tapping the card near the contactless symbol on the ATM or any other machinery used for merchandise.

If you are a new or existing wells Fargo customer, the card is available for Consumer debit cards, business debit cards and prepaid cards. The contactless debit card is available upon request.
You can request for one by visiting a nearby wells Fargo branch or by calling the number that is on the back of your current well Fargo card.


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