How To Delete Transaction History On Chime

How To Delete Transaction History On Chime Bank Account

The question is, can you delete bank transaction history? Well, most of the time, Chime bank customers desire to clear out their transaction history. This article is dedicated to helping Chime bank customers that want to know how to delete their transaction history.


What You Need To Know About Deleting Transaction History On Chime Account

First of all, it is important for a chime Bank customer to know that it is not possible to remove a transaction from your Chime bank account. The reason for this is that any financial transaction that is made on your chime bank account is automatically saved to the main internal server of the bank’s mainframe. 

According to federal laws in the United States of America, any monetary or electronic financial transactions in your bank must be documented. This is the major reason why it is practically impossible to delete your chime bank account transaction history.

Since you cannot delete your transaction back history there are other things that you can do with it. We will be looking at those in subsequent paragraphs.

How To Cancel A Chime Financial Transaction On The Chime App And Website 


To be able to cancel a Chime financial transaction you need to follow the following practical steps:

Using The Chime Banking App 

  • Open your Chime app and log into your bank account
  • Browse through the user interface until you locate your pending transactions.
  • Next, locate the transaction that you want to cancel.  it is important for a Chime Bank customer to note that the only financial transactions that can be canceled are those where you sent money to someone using the “pay friends feature”.
  • The next step involves tapping on the transactions so that you see a menu that will give you additional details as well as the capacity to cancel the transfer.
  • Next up, go ahead and tap on the “cancel transfer” button to cancel the payment on your Chime app.

If the procedure is successful you will get a confirmation message, and the most cases the funds will be immediately returned to your Chime bank account.

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Using The Chime Official Website 

Other than the Chime banking app another place where a financial transaction can be canceled is on their official website. Here are some practical steps to follow to cancel a financial transaction on the Chime website:

  • Visit the official website of chime bank and login to your bank account.
  • Look for your pending transactions
  • Locate the transaction that you would like to cancel. Just ask if applicable in the Chime banking app, the only transactions that you can cancel are those where you sent money to someone using the “pay friends” feature.
  • Click on the financial transaction would like to cancel.  After clicking a min will come up showing additional details alongside the ability to cancel the transfer.
  • Go ahead and click on cancel transfer to cancel the payment.

If this process of successful you will get a confirmation message that you have canceled the financial transaction on your Chime bank account.


It is important to note that it is not possible to delete your financial transaction history on Chime bank account, but you can cancel individual pending transactions.


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