Is Legit Or Scam?

Call of Duty is a popular game that has a large fandom. In a bid to enjoy game time, most gamers go all out to look for points, normally referred to as “cod points.” This is where CodFreezone comes in. CodFreezone is a popular gaming websites that promises prospective users free cod points. In the course of this article, we would be elucidating whether the website is legit or scam. Without further ado, let us delve in.


CodFreezone Review 

Codfreezone is a website that promises to offer users with free points in order to stay in top ranks in the online Call of Duty game. With cod points, a gamer can unlock cool in-game features such as weapons and skins.

Codfreezone poses as a cheat code website for in-game points. It is important to note that the Call of Duty game is so addictive that it entices gamers to go all out to search for points that would help improve their gameplay.

Is Legit Or Scam? Our Review

First off, it is important to note that nothing comes for free. Even if the free points from Codfreezone make you happy, they can cause potential damage to your gaming account. Using free tools to improve your ranking with arbitrary points can affect your ID on Call Of Duty.

They have an algorithm that allows the developers to spot accounts that have illegally acquired Cod points and those that have legit ones. You stand the risk of losing all the levels that you reached in Call of Duty game.


Imagine all the hours you invested in COD game play gone down the drain because of cheating. According to results of our research, the website offers cod points to gamers, but its trust score is very low. In light of this, using the website to garner COD free points is at your own risk.

Guide On How To Use Codfreezone To Generate COD Free Points 

The following are steps that you can follow in order to get free points from the Codfreezone website:

  • Using your web browser to visit the CodFreezone website
  • On landing on the website, you would see a web interface that would ask you how many points you would like to generate.
  • The next step would be to press the CP button. This would automatically open a new window interface.
  • Key in the username that you use in playing Call of Duty online.
  • Go ahead to tap on the “claim now” button.
  • After successful verification, the gamer would receive free COD points to their gaming account.


The best way to enjoy a game is to play it as it was designed by the game developers. There is more fun in achieving high levels in COD with merit, than with cheating. You should only opt for COD free points, if you are stuck in a level, and need a push.

Most sites that promise free in-game points have anterior motives. Some want to lay hands on your personal data, and user data, which would be used for internet mal practices.

What if the developers of the Call of Duty game wanted to host an eSports competition? The first thing they would do is to filter gaming IDs that had illegal COD points. That way you won’t be able to be a part of future COD world events. Sticking with the conventional practice of playing your way to win points, or buying them is best.


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