Beerus Power Level

Beerus Power Level – How Strong Is Beerus in Dragon Ball Game

In the Dragon Ball game, Beerus is the God of Destruction. He is plotted to be the God of Destruction that destroys both the planet and those that are dwelling in it with his power. In the course of this article, we will be delving into how strong this game character (Beerus) is. Without further ado, let us delve in.


Who Is Beerus In Dragon Ball?

Beerus is best known as the primary antagonist of the Dragon Ball Z. His twin brother is Champa, who is the God of Destruction of Universe 6, while he is the God of Destruction for Universe 7.

Beerus Power Level

Beerus’ power level is around three billion at 100%. Interestingly, although he appeared to be powerful, at some point, whether he has more power than Goku and Vegeta combined became an issue of concern.

How Strong Beerus Is In Dragon Ball?

How Strong Beerus Is In Dragon Ball

Beerus is regarded as the second strongest fighter of the Universe behind Whis in Dragon Ball game. Beerus’ power level is around three billion at 100%. When Beerus first fought SSG Goku, this character was only using a small part of his total power.

Not much is known of how much he was holding back. There are a lot of comparisons between Goku and Beerus in Dragon Ball. Beerus is, however, considered to be more powerful than Goku. It is important to note that Beerus is one of the strongest Gods of Destruction but is still below the 12 angels and Zen-Oh.

Beerus is very strong because he managed to beat Goku without using all of his power.

Which Game Character Is Stronger Than Beerus?


Given that Beerus is one of the favorite characters of Dragon Ball, it is important to note that he is not the strongest. Other Angels, alongside his trainer, are a lot stronger than him, including his trainer.

It is important to note that there are other Gods of Destruction from other Universes who are stronger than Beerus. However, without direct battle with other Gods it is difficult to tell if Beerus is the strangest. Beerus will definitely lose in a fight against Zen-Oh, because Zen-Oh has the capacity to dematerialize people at will.

Can Beerus Make Use Of Ultra Instinct?

Beerus is a character in Dragon Ball that has the capacity to make use of ultra instinct. However, it is important to note that he has not mastered the use of ultra instinct. Goku, an enemy of Beerus, has mastered ultra instinct. Beerus compensates with the fact that he mastered other powerful techniques.

Is It Possible For Goku To Erase Beerus With Ultra Instinct?

A lot of people might be wondering whether Goku can beat Beerus with the aid of ultra instinct. In the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie, Vegeta asks Goku to use ultra instinct. The response of Goku was that he could not enter his ultra instinct state. This implies that Beerus cannot be erased by Goku, because it is not possible to reach that stage (ultra instinct )for Goku, but it is for Beerus.

Why Did Beerus Want To Destroy Planet Vegeta?

The reason why Beerus wants to destroy planet Vegeta is not known, other than mentioning that he disliked king Vegeta.

In the animation, there is a flashback to king Vegeta’s childhood, where King Vegeta is entertaining Beerus, hoping not to be killed.

The main reason Beerus did not destroy the planet was because the planet was too far away, and he likes sleeping.

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