Reliant Life Shares Complaints

How to File Reliant Life Shares Complaints

If you do not read this blog post, you will not learn how to file Reliant Life Shares complaints. With the Reliant Life Shares you can purchase a part of life insurance benefits as an investment strategy. It is a scheme that is monitored by the SEC, or States in the US. Without further mouthing, let us delve into our complaint filing guide.


What Is Reliant Life Shares All About?

Before we delve into how to file Reliant Life Shares complaints guide, let us get a full grasp on what they are all about. Reliant Life Shares is a company that deals with investment gains, escrow, life settlements, death insurance policies, and so on.

On the cyberspace, there has been a lot of feedback, both negative and positive about this investment company. The negative feedback from the company is enough motivation for you to learn how to file Reliant Life Shares complaints, in case things go south in the future. Just like every side of the coin, every business that has benefits and accrues profits for their customers have some downsides.

Guide On How To File Reliant Life Shares Complaints

After writing Reliant Life Shares a check, and they fail to uphold their own side of the contract, follow the below elucidated steps to file a complaint or drag them to court:

  • To start, you have to submit a formal request to the company executive.
  • Use the Better Business Bureau to file your complaint.
  • Contact the SEC
  • Proceed to contact your state’s insurance commissioner if the complaint has anything to do with death benefits.
  • You can use an ombudsman to act as your third party mediator.
  • Proceed to send Reliant Life Shares a demand letter for your losses.

There are small claims courts in  the US, drag them there as a last step.

Why You Should Try Out A Small Claims Court For Your Reliant Life Shares Complaints


The reason for the functionality of the Small Claims court is to help consumers like you. In a small claims court, you will not need a lawyer. This is helpful for persons who do not fancy the lure of a formal court setting. Some people tend to choke up a bit, struggling to talk when in front of a judge  or a jury.

To file a complaint via a small claims court, write a letter to them, and mail it to them awaiting a response. In the response, you will be invited for a hearing in the small claims court.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Minimum Investment You Can Make In Reliant Life Shares?

The  minimum  amount that you can invest in Reliant Life Shares is $25,000. You can fund your Reliant Life Shares account with your retirement account or with cash.

Can Reliant Life Share Investments Be Made Through A Stock Broker, Banker, Financial Planner Or CPA?

You can’t because retail stock brokers, bankers and CPAs, are not conversant with institutional life settlements. Reliant Life Shares is an alternative asset.

How Does Reliant Life Shares Make Money?

The profit they garner is a function of what they raise from investors and other costs they accrue from different addon policies. As a side note, Reliant Life Shares claims that they charge no fees.

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